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We can scale your Web 3.0 project through paid advertising. Coinband marketing agency can unlock the growth potential of your digital asset by directing PPC advertising opportunities in the right direction.

How PPC advertising works in the crypto industry

Paid advertising is an effective marketing solution for crypto projects. The process involves creating relevant ads for contextual and targeted advertising, and subsequently, overall digital performance and achieving top rankings.
With the help of PPC advertising tools, it's possible to attract a target audience to your website or project community. This way, it's possible to increase the number of product users and attract new token holders in a short period of time.
We use advanced approaches to pass moderation in advertising systems. Despite restrictions imposed by Meta, Google, Twitter, etc. We can promote your project using paid advertising.
By using Paid Ads tools, you can achieve wide coverage and increase the recognition of your project, which will allow you to attract more audience.
If you're unsure about how to begin scaling your Blockchain project, our marketing agency can help you with turnkey contextual and targeted advertising. We'll serve as your trustworthy guide in the realm of Web3 marketing.
Crypto Paid Ads Case Studies

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Want to get targeted traffic to your project? Contact Coinband and get a customized strategy to attract an audience to your crypto project, with Paid Traffic. 

Who is Paid Ads aimed at?

Crypto PPC is actively used to blockchain projects promotion, and therefore will be helpful for:
Crypto (Token, Coin)
Crypto exchanges
and others...

Types of Paid Ads Placements

We use a wide range of tools to deliver targeted traffic to your crypto project, to effectively address your business and marketing objectives.
Google Ads
Display your ad to users searching for keywords in the Google search engine, attracting targeted traffic to your crypto project's resources.
Crypto Display Network
Placement of advertising banners on partner sites of Google. We can choose advertising placements based on the content of partner site pages, as well as the interests of the audience.
Brave Ads
Advertising in the specialized Brave browser, which is widely used among the crypto community. Paid advertising in Brave will help attract targeted traffic to your project and increase brand awareness.
YouTube Ads
Use video advertising opportunities to create unique content about activities in the Blockchain industry. Turn ordinary viewers into your clients and investors.
Meta Ads
Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram for web3 projects will allow you to reach a wide audience and attract new users to the project.
Crypto Ad Network
 CoinMarketCap Ads, BscScan Ads, CoinGecko Ads, Bit media. These platforms have 100% crypto audience concentration. Advertising on these resources will allow you to achieve excellent results in promoting your Web3 project.
Twitter Ads
Twitter is one of the leading platforms for the crypto community. Advertising on Twitter will help your project gain wide recognition among your target audience.
TikTok Ads
Advertising on TikTok will attract a young audience to your project. If your project is intended for broad application, promoting it through TikTok Ads will be an excellent solution for your crypto project.
Reddit Ads
Since many people with various levels of experience, including companies and professionals, use this social network, paid advertising can help you find "your" people who share your interests in cryptocurrency and increase your company's recognition.
We utilize advanced Paid Ads mechanics for blockchain projects that allow for the moderation of advertising tools and engagement with crypto audiences. 

How Pay Per Click Advertising Works in Cryptocurrency

In our work, we establish certain stages of website development to structure the process and make it clear to the client.

Our work can be divided into 6 stages:
Preparing the account for launch
We create an individual promotion strategy based on the brand's business goals. Also, at this stage, cloaking is set up to pass moderation of advertising campaigns.
Setting up analytics
To track the user's path throughout the customer journey and measure the effectiveness of paid advertising, we carefully set up analytics tools.
Creating a campaign structure
At this stage, we develop the structure of the advertising campaign, configure the audience, and collect keywords. We also developed a bidding strategy and a model for purchasing advertising.
Banner development
We create creative banners and engaging text for advertisements.
After launch, we continue to manage contextual and targeted advertising, monitoring all changes and notifying customers.
To effectively promote through paid advertising, it is necessary to optimize the advertising campaign. We implement changes where necessary for even greater performance growth.

Which crypto-marketing challenges does Paid Ads solve?

Attracting token holders, traders and users of the product to your project through conversion advertising campaigns. 
Attracting new participants in the project community and social media, through traffic advertising campaigns.
Increasing brand awareness and trust of the audience, through coverage media campaigns. 
Increasing the amount of traffic on the site. 
It is widely known that the promotion of financial and crypto projects through paid advertising tools is subject to numerous restrictions.

Nevertheless, we have developed methods and techniques that enable us to circumvent these hurdles and ensure a seamless advertising experience.

Why should I consider choosing Coinband crypto advertising agency?

We aim to make marketing for blockchain projects simpler and more effective. When we started working with crypto projects, we faced limitations and search spam. To maximize the opportunities of paid advertising, we use cloaking to pass moderation.
Coinband collaborates with a wide range of platforms and tools, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Brave Ads, CoinMarketCap Ads, Bscscan Ads, Twitter Ads, Reddit Ads, Bitmedia, and Crypto Ad Network. 
Our extensive experience with different brands in the crypto industry has allowed us to develop a truly effective work plan and double conversions within a week.

Our clients

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What people are saying about us?

Wojciech Lysak
CEO GG Token

By cooperating with Coinband, we were able to find an effective model for us to increase token sales. It was a great job!

Ilan Rakhmanov
Founder ChainGPT

With Coinband, we started collaborating a month before IDO. The project team quickly got involved in the project, which made it possible to have an excellent IDO and listing even in a short period of time.

Raffaele Carnevale
CEO Dexcheck

With Coinband, we started collaborating a month before IDO. The project team quickly got involved in the project, which made it possible to have an excellent IDO and listing even in a short period of time.

Charlie Bussat

Implemented a great marketing strategy with the Coinband team. Their proactive and expert approach is inspiring.

James O Connor

Worked with the Coinband team on promotion through PR. Loved their understanding of the project's business goals.

Vitaliy Martynenko

I like Coinband's holistic approach, which enables them to meet the challenges effectively.

Phoebe L.

Coinband is an agency that can produce tangible results in a short time.

Team of Crypto & Blockchain PPC agency

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Artur Shustov
Founder & CEO
Dmitriy Mitiuk
Alex Kokhman
Head of Growth
Vladislava Krechko
Business Developer
Nikita Pentsov
Business Developer
Artur Shustov
Founder & CEO
Dmitriy Mitiuk
Alex Kokhman
Head of Growth
Vladislava Krechko
Business Developer
We work all over the world. Offices are located in Kyiv, Warsaw, and Dubai. The company provides services in other cities and countries.
We work all over the world. Offices are located in Kyiv, Warsaw, and Dubai. The company provides services in other cities and countries.

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