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Coinband Marketing Agency provides services for building and managing crypto communities, considered valuable assets for crypto projects. Through our services, you can cultivate an active and dedicated audience that is more likely to become users of your product or token holders.

Creating and Managing Web3 Community

Community management forms an active community that shares common goals, and interests. A committed community is essential for crypto project success.
Coinband's digital agency team employs advanced strategies and tools to develop a committed and enthusiastic community for your project. These include:
Onboarding new audiences and introducing them to the project.
Audience engagement through regular contests and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions.
Providing moderation and chat support to ensure a positive and respectful environment for all community members.
The crypto community is made up of investors, clients, and enthusiasts who are passionate about the industry. These individuals are eager to spread the word about your project and share their enthusiasm with others.

Crypto Community Management Case Studies

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Who is Blockchain Community Management aimed at?

We offer various packages for crypto community building, which can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client:
Crypto (Token, Coin)
Crypto exchanges
and others...

What do we offer our clients?

Managing a Web3 community requires a careful and strategic approach to achieve its objectives. The following steps are crucial to ensure the success of community management:
Developing a comprehensive community management strategy that aligns with the project's goals.
Customizing the community by integrating chatbots, setting up analytics, and automating chat moderation rules.
370+ media outlets
Creating a calendar of activities, including project guides and reviews, AMA sessions, competitions, and contests.
Chat + Moderation
Providing top-notch chat moderation and member support through skilled moderators.
Implementing internal and external shilling to effectively promote project events and updates.
Cross-marketing and inviting to attract new audiences and expand the community's reach.
It's important to recognize that a well-crafted community is a critical factor for success in the highly competitive world of crypto projects. The formula for success is straightforward: a thriving community translates into a growing base of product users and project token holders.

Stages of Crypto Community Management

The success of a web3 project largely depends on its community, which, if managed properly, can be a valuable asset for the company. However, not all projects are fortunate enough to have an active and engaged community, which can cause them to remain in the shadow of more successful projects.
To address these challenges in community management, Coinband, a marketing agency specializing in cryptocurrencies, provides effective solutions.

Our work can be divided into 3 stages:
Creating onboarding and attracting new audience to your project's community 
Engaging your audience through contests, content marketing and AMA's
Incentivizing the community to perform targeted actions (buying tokens or using the product) through event marketing

What problems does Coinband solve?

Lack of project community. At this phase, we initiate the creation, setup, and launch of your web3 project's community, while simultaneously attracting the initial audience. 
Lack of activity in the community. We will audit your community and develop a plan to engage and activate your community. 
Lack of audience in the community. In this case, we will use various techniques such as cross-marketing, shilling, and Airdrop to attract new users to the community.
Increase audience loyalty and trust through event marketing, shilling and hosting AMA's. 
We provide our clients with top-notch strategies and best practices in developing communities for crypto projects. Our approach is highly personalized, taking into account the unique needs and goals of each individual project.

A professional approach to crypto community management

Robust analytics and report generation to provide valuable insights into the growth of your crypto community, helping you understand which direction to take next and which tools and methods to apply
The services of experienced moderators, who have extensive experience in managing large Web3 Telegram and Discord communities, and act as a vital link between your team and the crypto community.
Careful planning and coordination of all activities to ensure effective online events for your project. Our goal is to plan and execute all necessary activities that will be effective for your project.

Our clients

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With the help of Coinband, a top agency for managing crypto communities, the product's user base can be expanded and new investors can be attracted. We employ a unique set of community management tools to achieve this.

What people are saying about us?

Wojciech Lysak
CEO GG Token

By cooperating with Coinband, we were able to find an effective model for us to increase token sales. It was a great job!

Ilan Rakhmanov
Founder ChainGPT

With Coinband, we started collaborating a month before IDO. The project team quickly got involved in the project, which made it possible to have an excellent IDO and listing even in a short period of time.

Raffaele Carnevale
CEO Dexcheck

With Coinband, we started collaborating a month before IDO. The project team quickly got involved in the project, which made it possible to have an excellent IDO and listing even in a short period of time.

Charlie Bussat

Implemented a great marketing strategy with the Coinband team. Their proactive and expert approach is inspiring.

James O Connor

Worked with the Coinband team on promotion through PR. Loved their understanding of the project's business goals.

Vitaliy Martynenko

I like Coinband's holistic approach, which enables them to meet the challenges effectively.

Phoebe L.

Coinband is an agency that can produce tangible results in a short time.

Team of Crypto & Blockchain agency Coinband

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Artur Shustov
Founder & CEO
Dmitriy Mitiuk
Alex Kokhman
Head of Growth
Vladislava Krechko
Business Developer
Nikita Pentsov
Business Developer
Artur Shustov
Founder & CEO
Dmitriy Mitiuk
Alex Kokhman
Head of Growth
Vladislava Krechko
Business Developer
We work all over the world. Offices are located in Kyiv, Warsaw, and Dubai. The company provides services in other cities and countries.
We work all over the world. Offices are located in Kyiv, Warsaw, and Dubai. The company provides services in other cities and countries.

Common Queries Regarding Community Management for Web 3.0 Projects

  • Why should I consider choosing Coinband, a cryptocurrency community management agency?

    We take pride in being one of the most respected marketing agencies exclusively focused on the Crypto & Web3 industry. With our experience and expertise, we have built dozens of successful online NFT and cryptocurrency communities, making us a reliable partner for your project.

  • How does Coinband moderate the community - is there support in management?

    We provide ongoing support for community management, which includes a comprehensive analysis of your project and guidance on the appropriate strategies to take moving forward.

  • What is the advantage of an active Web 3.0 community?

    One of the most significant benefits of a strong crypto community is the ability to establish direct communication and interaction with your project's user base, investors, and other dedicated followers.

  • Are there any additional services offered by Coinband?

    Among the huge list of additional services of our crypto agency, it is worth noting: Paid Ads, PR, Influence marketing, SMM, and SEO. All this allows you to promote the project successfully and achieve your goals.

  • How much does community management cost?

    The cost of community management varies depending on factors such as project complexity and individual client needs. Feel free to contact us for a personalized quote and effective solutions for your marketing needs.

  • What do you need to start and what are the terms of community management?

    To work with us and build a successful community for your crypto project, the most important requirement is your own motivation and willingness to invest in community development. If you are ready to take that step, simply visit our advertising agency's website and apply to get started.

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