Web3 SEO Agency: Best SEO Marketing for Web3 in 2024


Launching your own Web3 solution is undoubtedly a triumph, but even the most well-thought-out marketing campaign will not be able to maintain the target audience’s interest in it for a long time. 

In this regard, along with short-term digital marketing techniques, you will also need to develop a global strategy to provide your project with a sustainable presence in the digital environment. One of the most effective approaches to this is considered to be SEO, which, however, is significantly different from the SEO we resort to when promoting Web 2.0 solutions. So what is the specificity of the Web3 SEO, and how can you make the most out of conditionally free traffic to your web resource? In this article, we will explain all this to you.

What Is Web3 SEO?

Surely you know what SEO is in the Web 2.0 context, but we will still remind you: Web 3.0 SEO is a set of measures to improve a website’s visibility in search engines. At the same time, the search engines used in Web3 are different (as are the algorithms that control them), which means that SEO for Web3 solutions will be different, too. 

In particular, such SEO implies optimizing websites for decentralized platforms, requiring SEO specialists to deeply understand technologies specific to the Web3 ecosystem, as well as the features of keyword search and content creation.

What Is the Difference Between Web2 and Web3 SEO Agencies?

Let's dive deeper into the differences between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 in SEO:

  • Less emphasis on traditional search methods. Since Web3 ecosystems are community-driven, traditional search engines may become less important in Web 3.0 SEO. Due to this, along with the importance of driving organic traffic, SEO should only be perceived as part of a comprehensive promotional strategy and not as its foundation. At the same time, for many Web 2 projects, SEO can bring the largest portion of user traffic.
  • Focus on on-page SEO. Web3 SEO requires more attention to on-page optimization, including creating relevant, expert content with keywords and meta tags, internal link building, etc. In contrast, with Web 2 SEO, both internal and external optimization are equally important.
  • Different approaches to keyword research. Since user behavior patterns in Web2 and Web3 spaces are predictably different, the Web3 SEO strategies aimed at finding keywords will also depend on this.
  • The need to optimize for Web3 search engines and browsers. Currently, there are a sufficient number of search engines and browsers for Web3, which are actively used worldwide. To ensure proper indexing, SEO specialists need to understand the principles of their work (which, in turn, will differ from those that they deal with when promoting Web2 solutions in Google, Yahoo, etc.).
  • The need to change the approach to external link building. Given the vital role of Web3 communities, specialists providing Web3 SEO services should be especially careful when choosing third-party resources for placing links.

Why Should You Contact Web3 SEO Agency And Not a Remote SEO Specialist?

At first glance, hiring a remote SEO specialist may seem like a more cost-effective option than an agency, especially if you are impressed by your candidate's reputation and CV. However, as practice shows, such cooperation for SEO is not able to plug all the holes in your Web3 solution's SEO marketing strategy.

The difference in the breadth of expertise

The fact is that no matter how experienced your candidate who is good at Web 3 in SEO is, he or she will always act relying solely on his or her more or less limited experience of working on previous projects. 

Actually, this is the first and perhaps the most significant reason why you should resort to the services of a Web3 SEO agency – here, after analyzing your Web3 project and requirements for it, its managers will be able to select a specialist or several ones at once (if your project is large-scale) who have relevant work experience in SEO and who can fully meet these requirements.

The difference in the approach used and the globality of the results obtained

Another reason to contact a Web3 SEO agency is the variety of available Web3 marketing services. The fact is that, as we have already said above, in the Web3 space, SEO is usually just an element of one big strategy that will attract traffic from all over the world to your project, and focusing only on search engine optimization is a deliberately losing decision. 

At the same time, understanding which digital marketing methods and tools are best used at a particular moment and for a particular project is a task that only specialists with a wider range of skills than those limited to Web3 SEO can handle. And this is what Web3.0 SEO marketing agency will definitely offer you.

The difference in the availability of useful contacts

It is also worth noting that an average Web3 SEO agency often has well-established contacts with crypto influencers, Web3 projects, and other significant personalities and organizations in the Web3 world, which will simplify and speed up the execution of tasks related to link building and other SEO methods.

The difference in guarantees and risks

Finally, cooperation with a Web3 SEO agency is often aimed at long-term interaction, providing all kinds of guarantees and risk sharing. Therefore, this way, you will have the utmost confidence that every cent and every minute of your project's life was not wasted.

We Provide Web3 SEO Agency Services

If you are currently looking for a crypto SEO agency to promote your project in search engines, don’t waste another minute – write or call us right now. Our SEO experts are fluent in all standard SEO methods, tools, and approaches. Now, thanks to their expertise and deep knowledge of Web3 specifics, they can brilliantly adapt them to promote Web3 solutions successfully.

Moreover, our SEO agency always cares about the cost-efficiency of strategies and how quickly they allow us to achieve the goals set by our clients. Thus, when you contact our SEO agency, you will be sure that you will never be drummed up with a full package of digital marketing services just to force you to pay as much as possible. Instead, we will select the optimal set of practices (including SEO) that will allow you to bring your project to worldwide popularity in the shortest possible time and with a minimum budget.


Web 3.0 in SEO: How to Choose Your Agency?

When choosing specialists to promote your Web3 solution, it is important to make sure that their expertise will allow them to cover not only SEO but also the methods and approaches used for decentralized projects. That is why we recommend paying attention to the services of our crypto marketing agency. At the same time, you should still have a small guide at hand that will help you find the SEO agency that best meets your request. Actually, here are its steps:

  • Identify the goals and objectives of SEO: perhaps you already have some time-proven methods and metrics to assess SEO efficiency or a more global idea of ​​what engagement indicators your project should achieve;
  • Conduct research among candidates: both Google and independent online platforms with client reviews like Clutch.co are suitable for this. In addition, you can ask your friends – may be at least one of them had a positive experience working with such an agency;
  • Analyze the portfolio and the range of services provided: perhaps here, you will face projects that the entire Web3 space is talking about, and you will have no choice but to trust this particular agency;
  • Make sure that the proposed format of cooperation suits you: you can find some nuances on the agency's website that will confuse you – in this case, it is better to clarify them by sending a personal request;
  • Define the format of communication and reporting adopted: these are also important points to consider that will promptly protect you from hidden costs and discrepancies between your expectations and the results obtained;
  • Compare your budget with the cost of services of a possible partner agency: some agencies, due to their hype, have inflated rates, and this can become a serious obstacle to your fruitful cooperation;
  • Schedule an interview: ultimately, until you talk to representatives of the Web3 SEO agency you have chosen face-to-face, you will not be able to get a complete picture of whether it suits you or not.

Fundamentally Important Points in Web3 SEO

Finally, before we dive into the comparison of the top seven Web3 SEO agencies, let’s look at the key aspects that their specialists should master.

Industry expertise

Mature Web3.0 forum dwellers and cryptocurrency investors can easily check the difference between content written by a regular copywriter and a real Web3 specialist from a crypto marketing agency. Thus, they can immediately conclude that they are looking at another scam project or something truly worthy of their attention (since behind this “something”, there is a team of inspired experts who have spent time creating informative articles for visitors to their website).

Ability to create educational content

Another distinctive feature of SEO-friendly content in the context of Web3 is its educational nature. You may know that expertise and the ability to teach are different things, so you should pay attention not only to the fact that all the content posted on your website or websites is technically correct but also to how  it is presented (Will the text be understandable to a reader with basic knowledge?, Will professionals be able to extract something valuable from it?, and so on).

Proper analysis of the technical aspects 

Since some of your target audience will still use standard search engines and web browsers to find the Web3 projects they are interested in, the crypto marketing agency you hire will need to make sure that your website does not conflict with the algorithms and technologies used in these solutions. In particular, they will need to check whether the loading speed is acceptable, whether your website is structured correctly, whether there are no broken links, etc. 

Skills in optimizing content for voice search

As many Web3 fans use advanced search methods, including voice search, your contractors will need to prepare the content posted on your website for this. Specifically, they should optimize texts for natural language and avoid phrases involving keywords that seem like they were only needed for indexing by search robots.

Structuring information

Whatever search tool your target audience uses – Web2 or Web3 – they are all focused on giving priority to those web resources that are well-structured. This means that your SEO agency will have to optimize the site map, create and/or add new sections, and generally make your website easy to navigate.

Content adaptation for an international audience

The Web3 audience is spread across the globe, meaning that the SEO for projects targeting them must be international. This may involve translating content into the most common languages, adapting keywords, and taking into account the nuances of local SEO.

Top 6 Web3 SEO Agencies

Now, it's time to find the top players who can take on your SEO Web3 project marketing.

Coinband – Web3 SEO Agency

Coinband is a world-famous Web3 SEO agency that works exclusively with decentralized solutions, offering them comprehensive digital marketing strategies aimed at achieving the best possible results. Coinband understands well the specific requirements and challenges faced by projects in the Web3 ecosystem and provides solutions that help their clients achieve even the most ambitious goals of increasing visibility and user engagement.

Among the clients of this Web3 SEO agency are Chain GPT, Houbi, Uniswap, Planet, Layer AI, DAO Maker, and many others whose names are now on everyone's lips. At the same time, despite the authority of the projects that Coinband has promoted, the agency still has one of the most affordable pricing policies on the international market and stands for offering its clients an individual set of services depending on their specific tasks and business goals, without inflating the budget.

Blockwiz – SEO for Web3

Another well-known crypto marketing agency is the Canadian Blockwiz. This agency also specializes exclusively in promoting Web 3.0 solutions and, in particular, Web 3.0 SEO. Over the years of its existence, the agency has been trusted by such famous projects as OKEx, Bybit, Delta, Coinsquare, and more than a hundred others. Currently, the agency is proud of its extensive network of 1200+ crypto influencers and advanced skills in SEO and community building.

Crowdcreate – Web3 SEO Company

Despite its versatile range of services (which, of course, includes SEO), Crowdcreate has an experienced team who focus exclusively on Web3 and crypto marketing. The agency currently boasts marketing efforts that have transformed successfully into over $250 million dollars in funding across 500+ projects, as well as an extensive network of investors, influencers, founders, business executives, and experts.

Single Grain

Single Grain is an SEO marketing agency that, like the previous one, provides a wide range of services for Web2 and Web3 projects. Single Grain's team perfectly understands Web3 business goals, focusing on optimizing websites for new SEO trends such as voice search and community management. And, surely, it is worth noting the impeccable performance indicators of this agency's marketing efforts: 31.4K+ more сlicks, 54% revenue year-over-year growth, and reducing cost per click by 41.37%.


Ascendily is a reliable SEO and Web3 marketing agency that has successfully helped many Web3 projects succeed. From a detailed analysis of the current state of the business to creating a strategic action plan, this agency strives to move its clients from stagnation to success as quickly as possible. The main Ascendily's credo is: “We guarantee growth in 90 days, or we work for free.”

Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy is a crypto and NFT growth agency that offers end-to-end digital marketing strategies, including SEO, content marketing, influencer marketing, community management, PPC, social media, and even web design. Thanks to its extensive expertise in the Web 3 sector, cooperation with this agency results in stable community development, finding new strategic partnerships, as well as building long-term engagement and establishing authority.

Bottom Line

In the era of rapid development of Web3 technologies, the importance of effective Web 3 SEO cannot be underestimated. Projects in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized applications require narrow-focused SEO Web 3.0 strategies to attract target audiences and increase visibility in search engines.

If you want a reliable SEO partner to promote your Web3 project, turn to Coinband. Our experienced team will guide you through all SEO stages, ensuring the sustainable growth of your advanced solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web 3 SEO

What are the key differences between Web2 and Web3 SEO?

In addition to the standard approaches typical of Web2 SEO, Web3 SEO also uses search engines and browsers from the Web3 environment, relying on their individual algorithms. There are also differences in keyword selection and external link building.

How can SEO marketing help increase the popularity of my Web3 project?

SEO marketing provided by an experienced marketing agency improves your project's visibility in search engines, attracting more organic traffic in Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 browsers.

How can SEO help me gain the trust of potential users and investors?

High search engine rankings convey the impression of reliability and authority, which helps build the audience’s trust.

How many specialists are required to build and implement an effective Web3 SEO strategy for a project?

To develop and implement an effective SEO strategy, your SEO agency has to assess the scope of work, as well as the overall state of the current SEO indicators of your solution. Depending on this, you may need one or several SEO specialists.

How can I evaluate the effectiveness of Web3 SEO efforts?

To understand how effective the efforts of the SEO agency you hired were, you can use all the same metrics as in Web 2.0 SEO, such as your website's visibility, organic traffic, keyword rankings, user engagement, and conversion rates.

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