11 Crypto Marketing Strategies for Project Growth


When you decide to create something innovative for the crypto industry and do it, this stage is just the beginning of your long, hard road to success. The fact is that even the best projects remain in the shadows, and that’s all because of an illiterate marketing strategy. 

Another typical problem of crypto project owners is the irrational spending of budgetary funds on deliberately failed marketing techniques: when they come to effective ones, there is no money left for their implementation. 

That’s why we decided to share eleven great concepts that will form the basis of the cryptocurrency marketing plan for your project.

Best Crypto Marketing Ideas to Lead Your Project to Success

Each successful marketing strategy for cryptocurrency consists of many actions aimed at different formats of communication with the target audience. For everyone to know about your crypto project, you will need to carry out comprehensive work on all existing digital channels. So, let’s begin our journey into the right crypto marketing strategy.

#1. Build the eye-catching brand

You should start your marketing plan for cryptocurrency by building an attractive brand.

The concept of a brand usually means a recognizable image of the project, which is formed in the public mind. But how can you achieve significance in the crypto community in practice when it comes to a technologically complex Web3 project, the nuances of which are far from being able to get everyone?

Imagine that you want to interest a child in it. Think about how you can explain in simple terms how your project will benefit. Of course, you should still have a whitepaper for nerds who want to take apart your project piece by piece. However, to attract them initially, you will need some hook to distinguish your project from hundreds or even thousands of others.

For example, your project is more eco-friendly than other ones. In this case, your brand will be formed around everything that your target audience is well aware of: existing environmental problems, high cost of energy resources, and a high entry threshold to alternative formats (i.e., not eco-friendly or fake eco-friendly) mining. This is just an example, and the final concept of your crypto marketing strategy should be built, taking into account the specifics of your particular project.

#2. Work on web design

When many other crypto projects put a lot of emphasis on technology while neglecting visuals, your cryptocurrency marketing strategy needs to take care of both. When it comes to the design of your website, it must be magnetic.

Thus, your tactics have to be without a) stock photos and b) images of chains/numbers and other nonsense that has already been used millions of times in other projects. Indeed, what once worked great with Bitcoin and Ethereum is unlikely to work 10+ years later, when thousands of scam projects with a similar design appeared after them.

We do not discourage you from abandoning your idea if it contains any of the above red flags. However, your team may also have other, more prominent concepts that you have been hesitant to implement. So perhaps it is worth considering them more seriously for the benefit of crypto marketing?

#3. Use social media for crypto marketing to get closer to your TA

Modern internet users spend more time outside the web surfing, preferring specific social networks. So why not use this trend to your advantage?

With regard to crypto businesses, social media like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram concentrate the largest number of potentially interested users. These are exactly the platforms where you can tell about your project, thereby promoting it.

You can start with creating your profile where you will share news and updates with your followers. Here, you will need to publish at least 20 posts monthly to keep your audience interested.

The second is the purchase of advertising publications in popular profiles on relevant topics. These posts should be short and informative and attract new users to subscribe to your project account. The number of posts of this type is not so important – it is much more correct to find profiles that will bring you the desired number of subscribers. Social media promotion is one of the best crypto marketing methods. You can order professional social media management services from the Coinband crypto agency.

#4. Build a strong crypto project community

A strong project community is one of your most influential assets. It will take you some time to form it, but this is what will justify itself in full.

For this, projects come up with bounties – special programs that are aimed at advertising and all kinds of popularization. Their essence is to increase the activity of your community members and reward them for it.

#5. Choose ambassadors correctly for crypto marketing

Don’t forget about the appointment of brand ambassadors – media characters whom everyone knows. The popularity of one or another of them will depend on your financial capabilities, but even with fairly large marketing budgets, some projects manage to choose the wrong people.

Note that if it is only important for you to get people talking about your project, you don’t have to bother with the choice a lot: if Ronaldo promotes your project, it will not be left without due public attention. If you are looking for a crypto influencer marketing agency, you can choose us. We have a large database of influencers for your crypto startup.

#6. Find right partners to promote your crypto project

PR in the media for crypto, blockchain, NFT, DeFi accelerates well the development of startups and maintains recognition of full-fledged companies. Mutual PR is good because you and your partner will be able to attract a huge amount of new audience in the easiest way. To do this, you will not only need to find the right partner whose field of activity does not compete with yours but also think about how you can implement mutual integration to increase the value of your projects for their end users.

To find suitable partners, you can try the usual web surfing. There is also a much more promising approach in your crypto advertising strategy – it is attending thematic offline events where the strongest business connections appear. At such events, you can find not only partners but also investors who can share their promotion experience and provide you with worthy recommendations and tips.

#7. Hire copywriters for crypto marketing

The next step of your blockchain marketing strategy is hiring copywriters to create content for third-party media resources. You can delegate them to writing posts for popular crypto media.

Also, you will have to research websites with rankings and selections of crypto projects – here, you need to buy a place where you can give a brief guide on your project. Thus, you will be able to gradually increase the volume of organic traffic to your project’s website, and your audience, in turn, will begin to perceive your project as a reliable one.

#8. Don’t neglect PPC advertising

Marketers use PPC marketing as part of their crypto marketing strategies to generate traffic, increase brand awareness, and attract potential project users through search engines. This is a popular online advertising model that uses keywords to achieve desired results.

When it comes to the most effective use cases for pay-per-click ads, Airdrop and other time-limited activities hold the top spot. You can contact crypto PPC marketing agency Coinband to implement this type of marketing with the highest ROI.

#9. Monitor the efficiency of your actions in crypto marketing

The best crypto marketing strategies always mean time-tested strategies. That’s why all the crypto marketing tips that you use should ensure the stable growth of your audience in the long run. To understand if this is the case, you will need special monitoring tools.

The most popular one is Google Analytics – this software easily connects to your website through your Google Account and provides real-time data on visits, clicks, conversions, and other key metrics. As for external tools for analytics, we can advise you of SimilarWeb as well. In the end, it all depends on your personal preferences, and if you have other software in mind, you can use it.

#10. Don’t let your audience lose interest in your project

You will have to constantly keep and warm up the interest of your audience in your project to stay afloat.

This means that even the most effective marketing technique will not bring you results that will last during your project's lifetime. Some things that worked great for you six months ago may not bring the desired results today. This suggests that it is important for you not only to successfully choose the best starter pack from marketing techniques but also optimize it over time as your target audience engagement indicators decrease. In practice, it is better to entrust such tasks to digital marketing specialists because otherwise, you risk spending a lot of money on strategies that do not work.

#11. Hire professional in crypto marketing

In the end of these guidelines, we would like to recall that crypto marketing is a new direction of marketing whose working methods differ in many ways from those that everyone is used to applying in traditional digital marketing. Therefore, to build an effective strategy that would ensure the maximum return on your investment, it makes sense to seek the help of a professional crypto marketing agency. For example, you can contact us.

Build Your Win-Win Crypto Marketing Plan with Us

We hope that our guide has shed light on what your marketing plan for a crypto project should be and what actions should be avoided. In any case, the choice of one or another technique depends on the specifics of a particular project, as well as the duration of use of each of them.

For the most efficient distribution of your marketing budget, you should contact a marketing agency that specializes in promoting crypto projects. You can choose us as your reliable digital marketing partner. Our experts have currently helped 50+ projects, 20 of which are still supported to this day. We will develop a comprehensive strategy for your project and involve specialists in SEO, SMM, copywriting, PPC, PR, and other types of digital marketing. Thus, with our guidance, your project will not miss out a single opportunity to become popular for its target audience.

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