Top 10 NFT Digital Marketing Agencies & Companies for 2024


In recent years, blockchain topics have become very popular among people looking for progressive methods of earning money. In this regard, interest in cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has grown. NFTs represent specific works of digital art and can be traded or sold.

It is worth noting that with the growing interest in NFTs, competition among their creators began to grow. Thus, every day, it becomes increasingly difficult for artists to stand out among hundreds of others. In this case, a professional NFT marketing agency can come to the rescue and help your project find its audience and demonstrate its uniqueness among many competitors. Today, we will examine the 10 best digital marketing agencies for NFT promotion.

Why Is NFT Marketing Important?

Even though NFTs have been around for over six years, many people still don’t understand what they are. Thus, for a regular Web2 project, you would only need advertising of your product that determines its competitiveness. Then, in the case of NFTs, you must also explain to the audience what it is and how it works. The fact is that it is difficult for an ordinary person to understand how previously physical objects of art, collectibles, and other unique things with external market value can be transferred to the digital plane. Initially, digital images presented in the form of pixels can cost something and grow in price. 

In general, the difficulty of creating effective marketing campaigns for Web3 products lies in the presence of certain prejudices among the general public: search queries related to NFT companies are very often supplemented with keywords such as bubble or scam. That is why, before describing the advantage of a Web3 solution over its competitors, it is also important to dispel these myths so that potential investors or end users will lose any fears associated with entering the ecosystem of this solution.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that usually, marketing of crypto projects and, in particular, NFT brands begins with the development of a website. The fact is that the vast majority of such projects are JavaScript-based SPAs, which means that they do not return HTML copies for Google that search robots could index. This means additional work on the part of your NFT marketing agency, which must generate the HTML code for the pages of your website on the server side (this is necessary on the first load).

In general, many nuances make marketing NFT projects an almost impossible task for marketers who are accustomed to working with the Web2 segment. That’s why, for successful promotion and return on every dollar of your marketing budget, you will need the help of an agency for NFT marketing

Types of Marketing NFT Digital Marketing Agencies Provide

All NFT marketing firms have their own personal set of services, but simultaneously, there is a standard set of services.

  • Web development and optimization. With that said, your website code should be written so that search engines index it. Otherwise, any SEO measures may be ineffective, no matter how much money you invest.
  • SEO. Any web pages (internal and external links of your website) indexed on the Internet should be filled with valuable and up-to-date content and include relevant keywords and images. This is the primary goal of SEO specialists.
  • Community building. Any Web3 firms are projects for the people, and opinions about them are formed on free platforms for expression, such as forums, social networks, etc. This means that the formation and development of a community can be a decisive factor in the success of your project.
  • Influencer marketing. Since people trust opinion leaders more and more every year, it is essential to establish contact with those whose blog topics correspond to your project. Since the number of crypto-influencers is growing every year, agreeing on mutually beneficial terms of cooperation can be a difficult task for a non-professional. Thus, you may need the services of an NFT marketing firm that has many years of experience in this.
  • PR. Many crypto businesses and NFTs, in particular, are subject to the preconceived notion that this is a scam. Therefore, you must build the right relationship with your audience: correctly handle negative reviews, notify them about the details of the development of your project, etc. Specialists from the NFT branding agency can help you with this.
  • Pay Pair Click. To achieve quick results in promoting your project, you can contact PPP specialists who will launch attractive advertisements and set up targeting following the rules of the placement sites.
  • SMM. Thanks to SMM specialists, you can increase your brand awareness by improving your presence on social networks. Also, here, you can present the latest updates and events related to your project to your loyal audience.

If the above list of NFT digital marketing services is exhaustive for you, we can recommend our services to you. You can also read the evaluations of the results of our work on the independent platform

10 Best NFT Marketing Agencies

Let's focus on the ten best NFT marketing agencies that can help you promote and increase awareness of your project.


Now, it is profitable to look for an NFT marketing company in Ukraine since this country has been one of the best destinations for outsourcing and delegation of marketing tasks for many years, in particular taking into account the acceptable rates for the services of highly qualified specialists and the constantly growing quality of services due to fierce competition. This is why Coinband is the agency you should consider as your first contractor.

Coinband provides a range of professional services, such as community management, SMM, SEO, PR, influencer marketing, PPC, and website development. The agency has in its portfolio more than 70 clients with a total project capitalization of more than $350 million. To date, Coinband continues to collaborate with 20 of them continuously.

Also, the NFT collection marketing agency boasts high rates of monthly user acquisition. Now, this number is 100,000+, and it is growing every day. It is noteworthy that the cost of a comprehensive Coinband marketing strategy is very affordable and starts from $5,000. If you want to learn the results of the company’s actions in numbers, you can visit the cases section. Despite its young age (Coinband was founded in 2022), the company already has six offices around the world and, in particular, in Dubai, which is the unofficial capital of the blockchain industry. This allows you to adopt the best practices for promoting Web3 firms first-hand.

By the time this article was written, such well-known companies as Crypto Wallet and CryptoGPT had become the agency’s clients. Objectively, the professional staff of the bul has received awards from Influencer Marketing Hub (Best Crypto & NFT Marketing Agency), Digital Agency Network (Best Web3 Marketing Agency 2023), Softareworld (Top Rated ICO Marketing Agencies), and Clutch (Top Crypto Marketing 2023).


Crowdcreate is a well-known marketing agency that, among other things, promotes NFT brands. The company provides various services, including influencer marketing, SMM, PR, and media advertising. This NFT marketplace marketing agency has more than 500 successfully completed projects that together brought their clients more than $250 million and reached an audience of more than 7 million users.

They have a well-developed blog written by experts with non-trivial recommendations that you can try to implement yourself. Crowdcreate has collaborated with such famous companies as Divine Anarchy, Sidus Heroes, and The Sandbox. In addition, they received awards from Forbes (Best Growth Agency) and Coinbureau (Best Marketing Agency). They also have a large-scale business contact network, so the money you invest in marketing can start working today. 

No Rug Agency

No Rug Agency is a famous marketing firm that deals only with promoting NFT projects, which means that all their experience is concentrated in this niche. This NFT advertising company provides services for the development of Web3 brands, provides artists who can draw from scratch tokens for you, provides collaborations with influencers whose blogs are aimed at the public interested in the NFT world, and helps create partnerships with influencers on Discord.

No Rug Agency has helped many businesses become more successful, including Ballies NFT Project, which received $3 million in sales in 24 hours; Samurai Cats, which managed to sell out the entire project ultimately; Bricktopians NFT Project, which, with their help achieved sales of $6.8 million and many others.

Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is a professional NFT digital marketing company with over ten years of experience in this niche. The company successfully applies a comprehensive approach to promoting NFT brands, as evidenced by more than 400 cases in its portfolio. Since they are developing blockchain solutions, they can look at the project through the eyes of a developer, which allows them to reveal the nuances of advertising campaigns that may not be clear even to experienced marketers.

This creative NFT marketing agency provides various services, including influencer marketing, media marketing, PR, content marketing, video marketing, and others. This way, your project will gain comprehensive audience coverage and brand recognition and will be able to attract new leads. 


Blockwiz professionally promotes blockchain firms, in particular those related to NFTs. This NFT art marketing agency provides its clients with a wide range of services, such as community building, SMM, paid advertising, PR, and influencer marketing. The Blockwiz team consists of 85 professionals who have helped launch 145 new coins, manage more than 130 discord servers, and whose projects have received 45,353 ETH in trading volumes.

Blockwiz marketing agency NFT services have helped a number of well-known representatives of the crypto world, such as ADASwap, Arcade, bitsCrunch, Seatlab, and Wappier. In addition, the company has received a number of awards, such as Crypto Awards People’s Choice (Best Crypto Advertising), Softwareworld (Top Rated ICO Marketing Agencies), and Corporate Vision (Global Business Awards).


Chaincella is one of the NFT marketing companies that provide comprehensive services to build a successful strategy for promoting businesses. Their services are of high quality and relatively low price. The agency uses advanced tools that help increase the overall impact of marketing campaigns on business success.

This NFT advertising agency offers its clients a comprehensive approach to product promotion. They provide several expert services such as SMM, community management, telegram marketing, press releases, influencer marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and many others. Chaincella experts will help your project reach an entirely new level of fame and attract an interested audience that will later turn into your clients.


Inoru is dedicated to helping NFT firms gain audiences and become more popular. Their team has over seven years of experience in the blockchain niche and has worked on over 130 projects, including 30 projects dedicated to NFTs. Inoru is the best NFT marketing agency that provides its clients with a comprehensive set of services, including community development and management, influencer marketing, PR, SMM, email marketing, video layout, content marketing, and SEO.

The company has collaborated with renowned companies such as Anyswap, Quickswap, Minty, Waifu Tokens, Evai, and others. Inoru has also received many awards, such as Top App Developers, Softwareworld (Top Rated App Development Companies India), Clutch (Top App Developers), etc. Given their deep experience in development, they can find a unique approach to promoting your NFT project.  

X10 Agency

X10 is a full-cycle crypto NFT PR marketing agency that provides ready-made solutions for blockchain companies. The company was founded in 2016 and has since been dedicated to helping Web3 firms better interact with the audience. At the moment, X10 has more than 200 projects in its portfolio. This is the best NFT marketing company of its kind as it provides clients with complete turnkey solutions and selected types of services, including influencer marketing, PR, community management, pay-per-click advertising, and a unique promotion service in Asian markets.

The company helped promote such well-known projects as Killabears, Avatara, Polkafantasy, Goons of Ballatron, and many others. They also received several prestigious awards, including Top 5 ICO Marketing Agency by Hackernoon, Top 5 IEO Marketing Agency by Hackernoon, and Top 3 STO Marketing Agency by Hackernoon. Thus, X10 will help you attract a new audience that will be most interested in the development of your project.


AppDupe is a professional NFT marketing agency that offers customized promotion services. Their team personalizes their approach to each client, allowing them to use unique combinations of services that help them achieve incredible results. The company has over 500 employees and 800 projects on which they worked particularly more than 20 NFT projects.

They offer their clients a wide range of services that include SMM, community building, paid advertising, influencer marketing, video marketing, content marketing, email marketing, press releases, SEO, CRO, and online reputation management. In their portfolio, you can find such well-known representatives of the blockchain industry as Microbuddies, XT.Com, EOS, and Polygon. 

In addition, AppDupe received many prestigious awards, such as NFTEvening (Top NFT Marketing Companies), Coindoo (Best NFT Marketing Agencies 2023), Startup Stash (Top NFT Marketing Agencies), Hackernoon (Top NFT Marketing Company in 2023), and many more. Thus, this NFT marketing firm can be an excellent partner for promoting your project to the masses.


LetsTok is one of the unique NFT marketing agencies that uses the power of artificial intelligence to connect brandy with influencers worldwide. LetsTok collaborates with over 10,000 opinion leaders, 770 thousand content creators, has over 500 million followers, and, most importantly, helps companies get 6x ROI.

Their approach consists solely of recruiting the most relevant influencers for your business niche, who, in turn, talk about your product to their subscribers. This method allows you to quickly reach a broad audience that has a genuine interest in the world of blockchain and NFTs in particular. This way, every cent invested in your advertising campaign will be used with maximum benefit for your project. LetsTok has collaborated with many well-known companies, including Mtn Dew, Kryptomon, Time Raiders, Sbarro, and many others.

Final Words

To summarize, we would like to note that outsourcing marketing tasks allows NFT teams to focus on their core activities and not delve into the nuances of developing marketing strategies for Web3 projects. Moreover, this approach minimizes the risk that you will waste some time and money implementing ineffective promotion techniques

In particular, if you want to be sure of the effectiveness of promoting your project today, you can contact our NFT marketplace marketing agency Coinband. We will be happy to offer you a range of digital marketing services within your budget and will begin work immediately after agreeing on the formal details of our cooperation.

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