Top Crypto Influencers – 17 Cryptocurrency Experts to Follow


Are you going to start your own Web3 project but unsure whether it will become famous? You are not alone in these thoughts. Nowadays, crypto influencer marketing a genuinely high-quality product is becoming increasingly complex, and various unscrupulous influencers are becoming an even more significant obstacle to this. In recent years, Instagram has grown to a scale that makes it possible to launch full-fledged marketing campaigns on the platform to promote crypto projects. In particular, thanks to typical content that consists of photos and videos, it is much easier and more pleasant for people to perceive information. At the same time, Instagram has become a kind of mecca for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Among the hundreds of thousands of accounts that do not bring any benefit to the public, there are also those crypto influencers who are worthy of attention. Now, we are talking about ordinary users of crypto solutions and about businesses that can benefit from cooperation with proven and popular influencers. In this article, we would like to tell you about 17 Top Instagram crypto influencers who are definitely worthy of your attention as they share valuable insights and can potentially become good partners for promoting Web3 companies.

Best Instagram Crypto Influencers to Follow in 2024

Now it’s time to consider the best crypto Instagram accounts that you can definitely trust.

1. Michael Saylor – Top Crypto Influencer

Michael Saylor is an American entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of MicroStrategy, specializing in analytics and business intelligence. The crypto influencer has become particularly well-known in the cryptocurrency community for his strategic investment in Bitcoin.

The YouTube crypto influencer gained widespread fame in September 2020 when his company MicroStrategy announced the purchase of Bitcoin worth more than $400 million. Since then, MicroStrategy has continued to invest in Bitcoin, purchasing large amounts of the cryptocurrency as a standby asset. Saylor has also become known for his public advocacy of Bitcoin and its use as a store of value.

Michael Saylor became a crypto influencer with an audience of about 213k because his actions and statements significantly impacted the cryptocurrency market and aroused interest in using Bitcoin in corporate investment strategies.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X).

2. BitBoy Crypto – Cryptocurrency Influencer

BitBoy Crypto, also known as Ben Armstrong, is one of the top crypto influencers known for his content about cryptocurrencies. On his Instagram account with 541k subscribers, he creates videos where he discusses news, analyzes the cryptocurrency market, and shares his opinions and predictions about the industry. This crypto Twitter influencer is also active on social media, where a crypto influencer communicates with his community and shares his thoughts on various cryptocurrency projects and events. Its content attracts both beginners and experienced participants in the cryptocurrency market. 

Other social media pages: Twitter (X).

3. Armando Juan Pantoja – Best Crypto Expert to Follow

Armando Juan Pantoja, also known as Talguytycoon, is one of the top crypto experts to follow. He has experience in software development and knowledge of blockchain technology. The crypto influencer’s account has 678 thousand followers. The crypto influencer shares short videos with tips and news about the crypto market. The influencer also shares motivational tips to inspire his readers to invest in crypto correctly. 

Other social media pages: Twitter (X).

4. Matthias Mende – Top Cryptocurrency Influencer

Matthias Mende is a cryptocurrency influencer with over 213,000 followers on Instagram. Influencer marketing is a common practice for him since he used to be the head of the SMM agency MEMMOS. The crypto influencer often shares videos with his subscribers in which he explains topics related to the crypto world in simple words. Crypto influencer also writes witty motivational quotes. This person is quite good to partner with in your crypto influencer marketing campaign.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X).

5. Christopher Jaszczynski

Christopher Jaszczynski is one of the top cryptocurrency influencers and also a co-founder of the crypto community MMCrypto. His main goal is to teach as many people as possible how to invest in cryptocurrencies and learn more about blockchain technologies properly. Crypto influencer also often asks his colleagues questions so they can explain certain things about his audience. More than 191k like-minded people gathered on his Instagram account. 

Other social media pages: Twitter (X).

6. Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano, also known as Pomp, is one of the best crypto experts to follow and a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency industry. He is a co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, a prominent investment firm specializing in digital assets and blockchain.

Pompliano is a vocal advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Crypto influencer often shares his opinions and analysis on social media, including Instagram X, and YouTube, where he has over 136k followers, and his popular podcast, "The Pomp Podcast." He is also a well-known blogger and public figure, regularly speaking at conferences and events related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

The YouTube crypto influencer is recognized for his expertise, analytical approach to cryptocurrencies, and ability to provide accessible and understandable information about them. His opinions and perspectives are often valued within and outside the cryptocurrency industry.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X), YouTube.

7. Coingrams – Top Crypto Bloggers

Coingrams is one of the best teams of cryptocurrency experts to follow. They attract the attention of the audience thanks to a balanced approach to publishing crypto market insights and funny memes. In their account, which has 335 thousand followers, they talk about major brands and their acquisitions. They also cover topics related to the rise and fall of token prices.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X).

8. Roger Ver – Cryptocurrency Influencer

Roger Ver, also known as Bitcoin Jesus, was one of the first and most famous Bitcoin evangelists. A crypto influencer became known for advocating Bitcoin and its associated ideas of freedom, decentralization, and personal responsibility. Ver considers Bitcoin a means of investment and a powerful tool for changing the global financial system.

Early in his cryptocurrency career, Roger Ver was one of the largest investors in Bitcoin's early stages. The twitter crypto influencer was also one of the founders of the Bitcoin Foundation and the owner of the website However, in recent years, Roger Ver has become an active supporter of alternative cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash and has been critical of Bitcoin (BTC) and its development.

The influencer continues to be an essential figure in the cryptocurrency community, actively participating in events, speaking engagements, and discussions about the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. And his Instagram account has about 68 thousand subscribers.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X), YouTube.

9 .Girl Gone Crypto

Girl Gone Crypto, whose real name is Lisa Dany, is one of the popular crypto influencers and blockchain technology enthusiasts. She creates content on her Instagram account, Girl Gone Crypto, with an audience of over 37k, where she discusses news from the world of cryptocurrencies, interviews key players in the industry, and shares her experience and opinions on various aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Lisa strives to make information about cryptocurrencies accessible and understandable to a broad audience, which helps beginners better understand this topic. Its content also aims to increase awareness of technological innovations and innovations in the field. Girl Gone Crypto actively participates in social media and various events and conferences related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X).

10. Crypto Jebb

Crypto Jebb is a famous cryptocurrency analyst and influencer. He creates content that analyzes the cryptocurrency market and shares his opinions and forecasts on the price movements of various cryptocurrency assets with an audience of more than 21 thousand subscribers.

The influencer strives to provide educational content to its viewers by explaining cryptocurrencies' complex concepts and technical aspects. Crypto influencer also regularly discusses current news and events in the cryptocurrency industry, helping his audience stay updated with the latest trends.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X), YouTube.

11. Crypto Wendy O

Crypto Wendy O, or Wendy Lieven, is one of the best cryptocurrency experts to follow. She is known for her video reviews, cryptocurrency market analysis, and educational content on her YouTube channel "CryptoWendyO." Wendy also actively discusses cryptocurrencies and blockchain on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, where she has over 52k followers.

She is considered one of the leading female voices in the cryptocurrency community and is committed to making information about cryptocurrencies accessible and understandable to a broad audience. Wendy also reviews technical analysis (TA) of various cryptocurrency assets and shares her thoughts on current market trends.

The influencer also pays attention to crypto security and urges subscribers to be careful when working with cryptocurrencies. Crypto Wendy O strongly advocates diversity and inclusion in the crypto community.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X), YouTube.

12. Felix Hartmann – Crypto Influencer

Felix Hartmann is a famous crypto influencer who teaches crypto literacy to people at the Crypto Academy. The influencer shares insights about profitable trading on his Instagram account, which has more than 54 thousand subscribers. Felix also researches the future of cryptocurrencies. In addition, he has his podcast on YouTube, “The Felix Hartmann Show,” where he and his guests discuss market trends, advanced blockchain technologies, and other topics regarding Web3.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X), YouTube.

13. Spencer Lodge

Spencer Lodge is a crypto influencer and a person who has made the most progress in getting rich through passive income. His main activity is investing in various areas and young businesses. Thanks to his comprehensive experience, the YouTube crypto influencer broadcasts information about financial independence and entrepreneurship to his audience on Instagram, which has reached more than 48k.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X), YouTube.

14. Freddie Finance

Freddie Finance is a crypto influencer account that you definitely shouldn’t ignore. He posts the best tips on achieving financial literacy and investing correctly on his Instagram. His audience of almost 65 thousand followers follows new advice every day and, together with him, learns how to manage their finances properly.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X), YouTube.

15. Saifedean Ammous

Saifedeen Ammus is an author, economist, and public figure known for his views on economics and finance, especially in the context of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. The influencer is also the author of the book "The Bitcoin Standard," which argues that Bitcoin can become an alternative to traditional forms of money and standards of value. At the same time, he has a podcast of the same name, excerpts from which influencer posts on his Instagram to an audience of more than 17k.

Ammus advocates that Bitcoin can play the role of "digital gold" and is the best store of value in the modern world. The influencer criticizes existing financial systems and central banks' inflationary policies and advocates for decentralization and economic freedom.

Saifedin Ammus actively speaks at conferences and in the media, discussing topics related to Bitcoin, blockchain, and economic issues. His work and speeches significantly impact the cryptocurrency community and help spread understanding and acceptance of Bitcoin as an alternative means of financial exchange.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X), YouTube.

16. Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos is a well-known public figure, author, and educator in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The influencer has become known for his deep understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain and his ability to clearly explain complex concepts to his audience.

Antonopoulos is the author of several books, including Mastering Bitcoin and Mastering Ethereum, which have become popular among those interested in cryptocurrencies. The influencer is also a frequent conference speaker, giving presentations and speaking engagements worldwide, sharing his knowledge and experience with the community.

Antonopoulos is also a proponent of decentralization and protecting personal privacy in the digital world. His work and speeches significantly contribute to the education and understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The crypto Twitter influencer shares tips and insights on blockchain and cryptocurrencies on his social network accounts and YouTube channel.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X), YouTube.

17. Peter McCormack

Peter McCormack is a journalist from Britain. He hosts the What Bitcoin Did podcast, where he talks a lot about cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, advanced blockchain technologies and security developments, and much more. On his Instagram account, he posts the most important moments from the podcast, putting them into understandable but short videos.

Other social media pages: Twitter (X), YouTube.

Last Words

We have shown you 17 top Instagram crypto influencers who can teach you many valuable things about blockchain and cryptos. However, this does not mean that there are all 17 of them; in fact, there are many more crypto influencers that you can trust. The same applies to those who consider crypto influencers as product marketing partners.

If you are looking for a reliable crypto influencer marketing agency, you can fill  out the contact form below. We will help you find an influencer whose services are not reasonable for your budget. The connections of our agency allow us to contact most crypto influencers, so we will develop an individual marketing strategy for working with influencers for you and bring your crypto project to success together.

FAQ About Crypto Influencers

Which crypto influencers can I follow on Instagram?

In our material, we described 17 top crypto bloggers you can follow on Instagram, X, Telegram, etc., and ensure their words can be trusted. In general, there are many more such individuals, and if you want to receive a variety of information, you can search for crypto influencers that are suitable for you. If you are looking for such personalities to promote your business, then you can contact the reliable crypto marketing agency Coinband, which will help you create a marketing strategy appropriate for your needs with collaboration with influencers. 

Can I trust what crypto influencers say?

For the most part, top cryptocurrency influencers with a large audience are people who study crypto and blockchain technologies. Therefore, if you find enough information about a particular influencer to understand that he or she is not a scammer, you can safely trust his or her words. But at the same time, you should remember that no matter how popular and reliable crypto-influencers are, their words should be considered by you as a subjective opinion, which is more likely to be recommendatory than precise instructions.

What advantages do Web3 projects receive from crypto influencers?

If you own a crypto project, you need to popularize it to as broad an audience as possible. Influencer marketing is a generally recognized and effective promotion method that allows you to attract people and investors to a crypto solution. Thus, you only benefit from cooperation with crypto influencers on Instagram. If you want to develop an influencer marketing strategy, contact Coinband, an influencer marketing agency that will help you promote your project to the broadest possible audience.

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