14 Best Crypto YouTube Channels to Watch in 2024


To effectively implement an influencer marketing strategy for your project, it is crucial to understand who you may have to deal with in practice. That's why we've put together a comprehensive guide of 14 top YouTube crypto influencers who actively highlight new projects, attracting the attention of English-speaking audiences from around the globe. In particular, we’ll talk about the next crypto influencers on YouTube:

  • Jacob Bury
  • Michael Wrubel 
  • BitBoy Crypto
  • Crypto Banter
  • Crypto ZEUS
  • Crypto Kirby
  • Crypto Zombie
  • The Moon
  • Crypto Jebb
  • Ivan on Tech
  • Altcoin Daily
  • 99Bitcoins
  • Benjamin Cowen
  • Sheldon Evans
  • Kitco News

Top Crypto YouTubers

Are you ready to find out which are the best crypto YouTube influencers that can help you promote your project? Just get comfortable and read below.

#1. Jacob Bury – one of the top crypto influencers on YouTube who highlights underrated cryptos

Jacob Bury is one of the top crypto YouTube influencers who talks about both Bitcoin and new promising altcoins that can grow in foreign market value tenfold or more. Currently, this content creator has almost 22 thousand subscribers, which makes him one of the most influential characters on the YouTube platform covering crypto topics.

The motto of this one of the top 10 crypto YouTubers is “No hype. No clickbait. No nonsense.” You can also find a lot of useful information in the comments on his videos. And, of course, his playlist for beginners is especially valuable for the new audience, where he literally “chews” the features of trading for those who have never done it before.

It is also worth noting reviews of current cryptocurrencies – both those that are famous and underrated gems which, in the vlogger’s opinion, are great from the point of view of long-term investment.

Another distinctive feature of this channel is reviews of pre-sales, which means that with its help you can attract an audience from the very early stages of the development of your project.

Overall, he is a very cool guy who loves what he does and gladly interacts with his followers in the comments and Discord.

#2. Michael Wrubel – one of the most honest YouTube crypto channels

If you're looking for trusted crypto YouTubers with a bigger reach than Jacob Bury, we recommend you check out Michael Wrubel, with 310k followers and over 1,800 videos. This influencer also shoots extensive overviews of little-known crypto projects, which can be a huge benefit to your project’s promotion.

One of the best features of this channel is the brevity of its content: the average length of a video from this content creator is about 7-10 minutes. This means that even the most “impatient” viewers, who come to this channel and want to learn something new about the crypto world, will be able to do this without unnecessary demagoguery. At the same time, Michael Wrubel also conducts long-term live streams, which can be interesting to those viewers who want to delve deeper into everything related to cryptocurrencies.

In general, followers love Michael Wrubel and perceive him as one of the top 10 cryptocurrency YouTubers because he highlights projects in which he personally invests and shares his experience only after some time period. Thus, he is perceived as a completely honest influencer who does not advertise scams (unlike many other crypto YouTube channels).

#3 Crypto Banter – the best crypto channel on YouTube with live streaming

Crypto Banter is the best YouTube channel to learn blockchain on live streams. Now it has 649 thousand subscribers and over 2.4 thousand videos. The vast majority of the videos posted demonstrate the confidence of this influencer in his findings. 

As the top crypto YouTuber, Crypto Banter covers all the topics related to the blockchain and crypto space. Some of his videos are dedicated to the latest trends and some – to the international economic situation. Thus, this influencer helps each of his viewers dive deeper into trading and be able to independently understand the main triggers for the growth or fall of a particular alternative coin.

Despite the relative youth of this top crypto YouTube channel (the first video was uploaded in 2017), it united traders from all over the world and thereby, formed one of the strongest and most influential communities in the crypto industry.

#4. Crypto ZEUS – one of the best crypto trading YouTube channels for investors

Crypto ZEUS, besides his activity on other digital social platforms, took a lot of effort to build one of the most visited best crypto YouTube channels. This channel was created relatively recently, in 2020. Now it boasts over 66.5 thousand subscribers and almost 1 thousand videos uploaded. The length of the video is not very long – about 5-7 minutes, which makes this web resource an ideal choice for any beginner who does not want to drown in an ocean of new information.

In short, this is more of an informational channel that does not engage in anything. In particular, the bulk of the content presented here is overviews of cryptocurrencies, news, changes in the financial market, as well as forecasts for quotes. At the same time, the main goal of the author is to find an altcoin with 100x potential. Thus, this one of the best crypto channels is excellent for promoting projects that have only recently appeared on the market and want to make themselves known to the whole world.

#5. Crypto Kirby – one of the greatest YouTube channels to learn crypto trading in detail

Kirby is the ultimate swing trader. He posts daily news about the crypto markets and what's happening in them. He has an exclusive crypto channel for subscribers where he talks about his trading in real time, but any new trader can also find a lot of useful information on his regular channel.

The news on this one of the top crypto channels on YouTube is constantly interspersed with jokes about inexperienced traders. It gets boring at first, but you gradually get used to it, especially since the channel has excellent, emotionless, and very rational technical analytical overviews that are about 20 minutes long. In general, for those who sell and buy bitcoins or ether, this channel will be a real find.

At the time of writing this article, this, probably the best YouTuber for crypto, had 155 thousand followers and 363 uploaded videos.

#6. Crypto Zombie – the best cryptocurrency advisor on YouTube

If you want to find one of the best YouTube channels about crypto, you just cannot miss out on this one. In a nutshell, this is a very well-known worldwide channel for crypto enthusiasts that covers many topics including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. Its author regularly publishes news about blockchain technologies, as well as comprehensive analytics for ICO projects and cryptocurrencies.

This vlogger also often highlights current topics that surround the world of cryptocurrencies. By the way, these discussions can also be applied to other digital assets. Overall, Crypto Zombie provides the viewers with maximum information about the present situation in the world of crypto trading, which makes it one of the top crypto YouTube channels for blockchain fans. However, to get the most out of watching this channel, you need to have some understanding of the basics of digital currency trading and financial charts.

This cryptocurrency YouTube channel currently has over 254 thousand subscribers and has tens of millions of views on some of its videos.

#7. The Moon – one of the best cryptocurrency channels on YouTube for those who want to radically change their life for the better 

This is one of those best YouTube channels to learn crypto trading thanks to which you will always be aware of the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies, and will also be able to watch daily videos with analysis of Bitcoin charts.

In particular, its main focus is on discussing the dynamics of Bitcoin and news related to other interesting cryptocurrencies. This crypto news YouTube channel presents numerous videos with technical analysis of charts, which are suitable not only for experienced traders but also for beginners. The channel is updated daily, which means crypto fans will be able to find useful information here on a regular basis.

The author of this best YouTube channel for crypto trading with 586 thousand subscribers claims that he relies on both fundamental and technical analysis, which gives an objective background to all his reviews.

It is noteworthy that when Carl Runefelt launched this channel in 2017, he worked in a supermarket. Today, his experience in trading has helped him change his life for the better, and now he provides valuable insights to his audience every day. That’s why many call him one of the best crypto YouTubers of modernity.

#8. Crypto Jebb – one of the best crypto YouTubers with a technical approach

Crypto Jebb is the best YouTube channel to learn cryptocurrency. It covers a variety of topics: digital currencies, blockchain technologies, and ICO projects. Its author, Christian, shares news, analytics, and reviews of tokens and ICO projects.

This one of the best YouTube channels on crypto, like the previous one, was launched in 2017 and has managed to attract 221 thousand subscribers. The main feature of this web resource is detailed technical analysis. In particular, hundreds of reliable media outlets, as well as experienced crypto traders who are looking for confirmation or, conversely, refutation of their hypotheses, are guided by Christian’s opinion.

Viewers especially love Christian, one of the best crypto advisors YouTube, for his comprehensive explanation of how technical indicators work – thanks to this channel and his best YouTube crypto technical analysis, many beginners did not give up their attempts to conquer trading and turned into real experienced players.

On the other hand, for some viewers, Christian's video content may seem somewhat exhausting since the average length of his videos is 30-60 minutes. Therefore, if you are looking for something more laconic, it’s better to check other crypto channels on YouTube from our list.

#9. Ivan on Tech – one of the best YouTube channels to learn crypto from first hands

This is one of the most popular YouTube channels about cryptocurrency with a large number of subscribers and an incredible number of views. This channel was created back in 2013 but is only now gaining incredible popularity. The author of one of the best YouTube channels on cryptocurrency talks about everything that affects the crypto market and also discusses advanced blockchain technologies. Now he is an international speaker on blockchain and other innovative developments in the cryptocurrency industry.

This best YouTube channel for cryptocurrency has educational videos on issues related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He also appears in interviews with influential figures such as Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino or Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver.

Currently, the number of loyal fans of this one of the leading crypto trading YouTube channels has exceeded half a million.

#10. Altcoin Daily – one of the best YouTube channels for cryptocurrency with a global audience reach

Altcoin Daily YouTube, considered one of the top YouTube channels for cryptocurrency, has now over 1.32 million subscribers and is one of the main concentrations of useful news and insights about the crypto industry. Here, you can find everything: from basic recommendations for novice traders to detailed reviews of new projects that have good prospects for long-term investing.

For example, Altcoin Daily is often featured in the media as one of the best crypto channels on YouTube, providing them with useful information about the prospects of the most popular digital coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In particular, the channel has many times predicted the growth of Ethereum, and these statements have come true.

Also, the author of this one of the top 10 crypto YouTube channels quite often talks about NFTs, which cannot but please those who are interested in the long-term investment of their capital.

In general, anyone interested in raising money on crypto assets should subscribe to this channel.

#11. 99Bitcoins – one of the best cryptocurrency YouTube channels for newbies

This is another best crypto learning YouTube channel with over 700 thousand followers, existing since 2015, which tells its viewers about the basic elements of crypto trading in simple words. The main focus (and value) of the content is educational, which means you shouldn’t rely on any accurate forecasts here.

For example, this channel hundreds of times predicted the imminent death of Bitcoin, which, however, has not yet happened in reality. At the same time, the authors of the channel had very effective arguments to prove their theory: it was so effective that many trusted media resources used their opinion as authoritative.

In any case, the unreliability of predictions made by this best YouTube for crypto fans does not decrease its usefulness for those people who decide to plunge into crypto trading – these viewers will certainly find a lot of worthy information here.

#12. Benjamin Cowen – one of the best crypto analysts on YouTube with a medium threshold

Benjamin Cowen, being one of the best cryptocurrency YouTubers, has been creating crypto content on YouTube since 2019. During this time, he managed to attract over 787,000 subscribers. His channel is entirely devoted to the analysis of the cryptocurrency market and the assets that appear on it.

The author of this one of the best YouTube channels to learn about cryptocurrency shoots videos in which he analyzes current trends using charts and auxiliary tools. He also produces video presentations on various cryptocurrencies, where he analyzes their value. Cowen's approach to cryptocurrencies is completely technical. He does not hold back: in his forecasts, he shares the worst scenarios for the cryptocurrency market.

The expert’s crypto YouTube channel also has a weekly report section “Into The Cryptoverse”, which is perfect for long-term investors and traders. However, it is worth considering that this type of content is only available to users with a YouTube Premium subscription.

#13. Sheldon Evans – one of the the best crypto YouTube channels made by enthusiasts

Sheldon Evans is a crypto trader and blockchain enthusiast. Also, many call him the best crypto analyst on YouTube. On his one of the best crypto channels on YouTube, he talks about the principles of operation of the crypto industry and crypto technologies, as well as shares cryptocurrency forecasts and current news. In addition, Sheldon Evans publishes reviews of popular crypto projects and provides technical analysis of the most capitalized coins.

Despite the moderate number of videos on his crypto channels on YouTube (just over a hundred), the number of his subscribers has exceeded 770 thousand and continues to grow steadily. All this is thanks to his detailed analysis of one of the most relevant and promising topics in the crypto industry – NFTs. 

In general, if you need the best crypto advice on YouTube, you should definitely visit this channel.

#14. Kitco News – one of the best YouTube crypto channels about the global financial market

This channel has repeatedly been included in all sorts of top 10 crypto YouTubers and channels and for good reason: with its 605 thousand followers and more than 4 thousand videos, it provides global reviews on the economic situation in the world, one of the main factors influencing cryptocurrency quotes.

Also, its owners regularly post interviews with leaders of the crypto industry, which cannot leave aside those who are interested in the objectivity of the information received. In short, this is an excellent web resource that will be useful to those who are used to analyzing the opinions of multiple experts and not relying on just one of them. 

Why Watch The Best Crypto YouTube Influencers?

Now we propose to understand what goals your potential target audience may pursue by watching videos of the best crypto investment YouTube channels in the crypto niche, thanks to which you will be able to correctly build your marketing strategy with the top crypto influencers on YouTube. 

Getting the latest news about crypto

One of the main goals that the audience of the best crypto traders on YouTube follow when watching their videos is to get acquainted with the latest news in the crypto industry. Indeed, on their best DeFi YouTube channels, they usually provide their viewers with a “hodgepodge” of the most interesting news, due to which their viewers do not have to manually surf the Internet.

Learning for beginners

Very often, YouTubers crypto channels become one of the main information resources for beginners, which help them understand the basics of the crypto industry and, in particular, trading and investing.


Trading is a way to make money in the short term distance and, therefore, blockchain YouTube channels highlighting it may be of interest to projects that have listings on well-known crypto exchanges like Binance.

Spot Investing

Spot investing is an object of interest to those who are looking to obtain long-term benefits from their capital. Thus, projects that are in the early stages of development (ICO, IPO) should pay attention to the top YouTube crypto channels specializing in this type of investment.

Blockchain development

If you want to find unobvious options to update your project, you should conduct a research among the content on the best YouTube channels for learning blockchain. This way, you will learn about projects that are the most popular and will be able to implement their best features into your solution.

Entering the crypto community

Finally, you can join one of the most influential digital communities and follow the biggest crypto YouTubers channels to understand “how your potential investor thinks.” Thus, you will become closer to your target audience and can even chat with them informally.

The Best Crypto YouTube Channels for Beginners and Pros: Final Thoughts

We hope that our crypto YouTube list has helped you identify the key cryptocurrency YouTube channels, and now you can begin to build trusting relationships with some of them. However, if you are looking for a proven company that you can entrust to implement influencer marketing with crypto YouTubers to get the maximum return on your investment into third-party crypto channels, feel free to contact us.

FAQs about The Most Popular Crypto YouTube Channels

Let's summarize the above and answer the three most frequently asked questions about top YouTube crypto influencers. 

Who is the best crypto analyst on YouTube?

The top three best YouTube channels to learn blockchain development include Jacob Bury, BitBoy Crypto, and Altcoin Daily.

Which crypto channel is best suited for the crypto industry?

In general, there are a lot of the best crypto experts to follow on YouTube. However, you can start your research on the best YouTube videos on cryptocurrency from the following best altcoin YouTube channels:

  • Jacob Bury
  • Michael Wrubel 
  • BitBoy Crypto
  • Crypto Banter
  • Crypto ZEUS
  • Crypto Kirby
  • Crypto Zombie
  • The Moon
  • Crypto Jebb
  • Ivan on Tech
  • Altcoin Daily
  • 99Bitcoins
  • Benjamin Cowen
  • Sheldon Evans
  • Kitco News

How and where to buy advertising from a YouTube influencer?

You can use YouTube BrandConnect to establish partnerships with the best crypto advisors on YouTube and launch with their help sponsored content campaigns. Also, you can hire seasoned experts on crypto influencer marketing from our agency to implement a comprehensive promotion strategy.

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