11 Best Crypto TikTok Accounts and Influencers to Follow


Initially, no one perceived TikTok as more than an entertainment social network. However, over time, it became clear that this platform, like other social media, can be used for marketing. Today, you can see advertisements for literally anything on TikTok, and influencers often undertake to promote any product to their audience. The same applies to crypto marketing. Nowadays, a lot of crypto influencers have TikTok channels where they give helpful advice and post educational materials so their subscribers can learn trading and more about Web3 projects and blockchain technologies. In our article today, we will look at the 11 best TikTok crypto influencers that you should definitely follow. 

11 Best TikTok Crypto Influencer Accounts

Let's find out more about the best crypto TikTok accounts that you should subscribe to if you want to receive information and news about the Web3 world.

1. Crypto Projects

Crypto Projects is a TikTok crypto account where you will find a lot of information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. It is managed by a true professional, an experienced trader, and an investor who has enough experience to disclose topics regarding existing and new crypto projects entirely. Today, this channel has more than 1.3 million followers and has received more than 16.6 million likes.

On TikTok, the Crypto Projects channel helps its followers learn more about tokens and crypto coins. In addition, this crypto and blockchain project educates the public about Y-5Finance and the Leviathan Protocol. The account will also be priceless for people who are interested in making money while playing. In general, Crypto Projects is a TikTok account where you can learn a lot of new, engaging, and educational things about the world of cryptocurrencies.

2. CryptoMasun

CryptoMasun, whose real name is Mason Versulis, has his own TikTok channel, the audience of which has already exceeded 1.3 million people, and the number of likes has reached 17.6 million. In his videos, Mason will not let you miss anything from the world of cryptocurrencies since he is an expert in this field. He also has many subscribers on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Discord, and X (formerly Twitter).

In his videos, Versulis often shares global crypto market trends, advanced blockchain technologies, and many other exciting topics with his audience. He skillfully combines advice, ideas, and humor in his content.

3. Cryptocita

Cryptocita is another popular TikTok channel with over 745 thousand followers and 14.2 million likes. The real name of the account owner is Alina Pak. She captivated her audience with sharp humor and practical advice about the crypto world. In her videos, Alina mainly talks about how to successfully mine and trade cryptocurrencies. At the same time, she devotes a lot of time to educational content related to cryptography.

She tells a lot of interesting things and teaches trading, so if you are a newbie, then the video content from Cryptocita will be very useful to you. This Tik Tok influencer also provides the basics of crypto trading, which makes her content valuable for both experienced investors and beginners.

4. Cryptokang

The Cryptokang blockchain blogger initially focused on Instagram but eventually transferred all its activity to the TikTok account. His content is gaining views and likes quickly, making him a promising crypto influencer. To date, his account has more than 380k followers and more than 3 million likes.

If you're looking to diversify your crypto portfolio, check out videos on Cryptokang's channel – they all are dedicated to the latest tokens and protocols in the crypto market. It also provides content about lesser-known tokens. On this account, you will definitely find exciting facts that you may not have heard of before.

An additional benefit of Cryptokang’s channel is his sense of humor. Whether discussing serious cryptocurrency investments or non-crypto-related topics in his videos, his wit is sure to make you smile.

5. Crypto Review

Crypto Review is a popular TikTok account with an audience of 856k and more than 9 million likes. 

Here, you will get helpful information about cryptos and blockchain quickly and concisely, skipping the whole routine. For instance, the Crypto Review channel informs its subscribers about the latest projects in the field of NFTs and cryptocurrency. The account always tells out-of-the-box news and sometimes shares useful insights related to the blockchain industry.

6. Virtual Bacon      

Virtual Bacon is the TikTok channel of a worldwide-known crypto expert Dennis Liu. Thanks to his videos, you will quickly understand all the complexities associated with cryptocurrencies and decentralized solutions. Liu helps his subscribers who are new in the crypto world understand the basic concepts with simple examples, which makes his content a great choice for beginners. As for more experienced users of Web3 solutions, this TikTok channel has deeper analyses and cryptanalytics.

In general, Dennis is an experienced crypto investor and financial analyst, so his opinions are truly credible. Now, his account has more than 336k subscribers. Among this fan base, there are a lot of newcomers: since Liu masterfully demonstrates the skills of simple language, they can understand all the complicated things for the first time. That is why all his video publications have collected at least 2.2 million likes. Overall, the Virtual Bacon account is excellent for people who want to understand the basics of the crypto world and learn how to follow cryptocurrency trends.

7. The Wolf of Bitcoins

The Wolf of Bitcoins is the channel that is considered one of the first to create and publish a viral post about cryptocurrency on social media. Its videos receive hundreds of thousands of views and likes within the first hours of publication. This account posts educational content that is usually diluted with humor.

At the moment, The Wolf of Bitcoins’s channel has 244,000 followers and 3.8 million likes on TikTok. Wolf's main topics are advice on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. The author also covers topics related to crypto and blockchain in general and his opinion about it. 

8. Cryptowendyo

Cryptowendyo is a famous Tik Tok crypto and blockchain influencer who has channels on various social networks like Instagram and YouTube. Naturally, she also has an account on TikTok. The girl’s primary goal is to show her audience that anyone, even a newbie, can master the world of cryptocurrencies. In general, Cryptowendyo is a digital marketing strategist who knows how to convey the message to her audience correctly. Thanks to this, her account now has more than 272k subscribers and 3.3 million likes.

Cryptowendyo makes a lot of videos about cryptocurrencies and shares her thoughts on how to trade crypto in the most profitable way. She also regularly shares the latest news about NFTs and cryptocurrencies. This way, her followers always remain updated with everything that happens in the Web3 world.

9. Layahheilpern

Layahheilpern is the person who will help you decide whether you should trade a specific cryptocurrency or not. By checking its content, you will understand exactly what you may encounter and what difficulties you will have to overcome before you become a successful crypto trader. Her TikTok account has gathered an audience of blockchain enthusiasts with more than 362k subscribers.

She usually shoots videos about why cryptocurrency is important and how to manage your assets. In addition, she wrote a book about Bitcoin, in which she described trends and events related to this coin. Layahheilpern takes on deep topics and discusses them with her audience.

10. RW Crypto

At first glance, RW Crypto is an ordinary crypto enthusiast who expresses his opinion publicly. However, he actually brings a lot of benefits to his subscribers, whose number, by the way, reached over 192 thousand on his TikTok account. 

RW Crypto is an authentic Tik-Tok crypto influencer who helps his audience gain a deeper understanding of the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. On his videos, you may find the latest news about the crypto industry, particularly about new coins, crypto projects, and NFTs. And, of course, you can always laugh at the memes that he often publishes.

11. Girlgone_crypto

Girlgone_crypto is the TikTok account of Lea Thompson, who has undoubtedly dedicated her life to the crypto world. Once you visit this video channel, you will definitely want to subscribe because it perfectly combines severe topics with humor, making them as simple as possible. 

She takes an interesting approach to creating her content, breaking down significant, complex issues into small, digestible thoughts that are very easy to understand. This way, a large number of people can learn cryptocurrency and blockchain from zero and without much effort. By the way, today, her account has more than 36k subscribers and more than 1.3 million likes. 


Above, we have listed only eleven TikTok crypto influencers, but there are many more. Moreover, given the peculiarities of TikTok algorithms, a channel that was relatively unpopular yesterday can attract thousands of new followers today. Therefore, the final decision favoring cooperation with one or another TikTok influencer is best made based on your research and preferences because, ultimately, no one knows your project better than you.

For crypto projects, collaboration with influencers, including those from TikTok, is an excellent solution to attract an interested audience from all continents. At the same time, influencer marketing is unlikely to be the only marketing technique that will lead your crypto project to success. This is usually just part of a comprehensive crypto marketing strategy that must be implemented at the right time with the right people and to the right audience. If you want a custom strategy for your business, fill out the form below, and we will prepare a solution completely tailored to your project. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Crypto TikTok Influencers

Should I follow crypto influencers on TikTok?

Definitely, yes. In recent years, TikTok has become as much a part of the crypto world as other social platforms. Many influencers have accounts on several of them at once. At the same time, some transfer all their activities exclusively to TikTok. Therefore, if you want to follow a specific TikTok blockchain influencer, you can probably only do this on TikTok.

What benefits can crypto businesses get from TikTok influencers?

Very often, the audience on TikTok are newbies, who follow the opinions provided by the influencers they like. Thus, TikTok has become another platform that can bring your blockchain business a new audience and, in particular, potential investors.

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