7 Best Crypto Marketing Agencies That Have Stand the Test of Time


If you are starting a crypto business, you must understand that you cannot do without a well-planned marketing strategy. Any project, not necessarily in the crypto sphere, needs a strong presence on the Internet and visibility among a potential audience. It is also vital for every crypto solution to attract investors, which can only be done with a marketing plan created by experts in the field of Web3.

We are talking about crypto marketing firms that provide a wide range of services covering all aspects of promoting a crypto project. These agencies help crypto businesses increase their social media presence, increase brand awareness, and generally demonstrate the integrity and transparency of their crypto solutions. Crypto marketing differs from regular marketing in that experts in this field must have extensive knowledge of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. Although the crypto marketing strategies are similar, applying them without knowing all the details may not yield any results or, worse, harm your crypto solution.

Thus, the main topic of our material will be a discussion of the seven best crypto marketing agencies that have proven over the years of their existence that they can be handy for both crypto startups and already established companies in this field.

7 Expert Crypto Marketing Agencies to Partner With

We understand how important it is for you to find a reputable crypto marketing company since we know that the fate of the entire crypto project largely depends on quality marketing. Therefore, we decided to select seven crypto marketing agencies that have proven their reliability and ability to promote crypto solutions during their time on the market successfully. 

1. Coinband

Coinband is one of those who have rightfully earned their title as the best crypto marketing agency. They provide a full range of services to create and deploy marketing campaigns. The company has unique experience and advanced crypto marketing tools that allow you to achieve your goals quickly. The agency was founded in 2022 by crypto marketing experts with over four years of experience and quickly established itself as a leader in the Web3 marketing industry. Now, the company has more than 90 completed projects, while the promotion methods used attract the attention of 100 thousand new token holders every month.

The Coinband crypto marketing agency team achieves the best results for its clients through well-coordinated business processes. Their cooperation with many popular Web3 projects such as Uniswap, Cheelee, Bybit, Crypto Wallet, OKX, ChainGPT, Near, and many others is proof of their professionalism. Moreover, over the years of its existence, the agency has grown to the point that it already has seven offices around the world in Ukraine (Kyiv), Poland (Warsaw), Great Britain (London), USA (New York), UAE (Dubai) and Hong Kong.

As for their marketing services, their list has everything you need to successfully promote a crypto project, including:

  • Crypto Web Development
  • Crypto Community Management
  • Crypto influencer marketing
  • Crypto Social Media Marketing
  • Crypto PPC Marketing
  • SEO for Crypto
  • Blockchain Public Relations

Case study:

Coinband was contacted by ChainGPT, an advanced artificial intelligence model for working with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Their main goal was to raise $1 million in IDO, grow the project's community, and achieve a daily listing trading volume of $40 million. At the start of the cooperation, ChainGPT had just begun its entry into the market, so it was necessary to develop a comprehensive crypto marketing strategy. It all started with a complete analysis of the project, which resulted in the Coinband team's decision to create a corporate identity and a brand hero in the form of a robot. Then crypto social media marketing agency created and popularized social networks, including Twitter, Telegram channel, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Medium, as well as chatbots for Telegram and Discord.

The second stage was Airdrop, which allowed us to attract many new users. The team chose the AIDA model for content marketing, which involves post-acquaintance of the audience with the brand. Next, Coinband went the influencer marketing route and selected 47 influencers who were supposed to promote the project and the upcoming IDO within a month. As a result, they published 133 publications, which helped attract a broad public to the project. The final stage of the chosen vector was community management. Coinband experts have made every effort to attract the public and keep them constantly active by ensuring engagement through round-the-clock moderation and interaction with the audience through AMAs, competitions, polls, and guides.

Ultimately, ChainGPT raised $1 million in IDO, gained 117k new community members, and reached a trading value of $34 million on the listing.

2. NinjaPromo

NinjaPromo is a well-known crypto marketing agency from the UK whose approaches to creating crypto marketing strategies have led all their clients to success. The company provides several specialized marketing services aimed at growing the audience and attracting investors to crypto businesses. This marketing agency has a broad reach and uses personal connections to promote its clients. NinjaPromo knows how to properly launch a social media marketing campaign or build a community. At the same time, they have expert skills and knowledge in finance, blockchain, and software, which will help form fast-growing startups and existing crypto companies.

Every NinjaPromo specialist understands the importance of new technologies and how to combine them with crypto marketing strategies for better effect. They also know how to quickly adapt to any conditions and develop marketing plans for the specific needs of each of their clients.

Currently, this crypto marketing team consists of 30+ experts, and its offices are scattered throughout the world, in New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore. The marketing firm also cooperates with renowned companies such as BitForex, Trust Wallet, Bitcoin.com, Affyn, Bank Social, Dash, Lisk, MicroBuddies, IronFX, and Rebus Chain.

NinjaPromo presents a wide range of crypto marketing services, among which you will definitely find what your business needs:

  • Video Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Unlimited Graphic Design
  • Play to Earn Game Development
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • Marketing Subscription

Case study:

The cryptocurrency real estate platform SWINCA was not popular enough and could not attract enough investors. Looking for a reliable marketing partner, they turned to NinjaPromo. After discussing the details, both parties decided to conduct an ICO, and now it was necessary to create an effective crypto marketing strategy. At the same time, the implementation period was very short, only one week. NinjaPromo began working on creating and publishing press releases in multiple languages in several countries. Thus, marketing efforts brought in more than 115,000 potential investors. As a result, SWINCA attracted more than $5 million in investments from representatives of various transnational companies.

3. Coinbound

Coinbound promotes brands related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The main area of activity of the crypto marketing firm is to create comprehensive marketing campaigns that are designed to attract audiences and investors to crypto businesses. The company has a large staff of experts in Web3 and all related aspects. This way, they can quickly develop a unique approach to deploy a crypto marketing campaign for each of their clients individually.

Coinbound has repeatedly received prestigious awards which prove that they are professionals in their business. The agency team also has its own podcast and blog where you can always find valuable tips on crypto marketing. Coinbound has in its portfolio cases of cooperation with eminent companies such as MetaMask, Litecoin, Immutable, Cosmos, Tron, Consensys, and eToro.

Coinbound provides a complete package of crypto marketing services that is suitable for any Web3 project, including:

  • PPC & Paid Ads
  • Crypto Link Building
  • Lead Gen
  • Exchange Listing Services
  • Branding
  • Executive Ghostwriting
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Fractional CMO
  • Crypto Media Sales Management

Case study:

The blockchain platform Gala turned to Coinbound for help, which serves a variety of content such as music, games, cinema, and other industries where there is a lot of content. They needed to bring their company's activities to the attention of the top media and ensure that their initiatives were widely publicized. Coinbound began developing a marketing plan and decided to launch a series of press releases in well-known publications. Thus, they published more than 100 materials in CoinMarketCap, Los Angeles Times, and Decrypt. As a result of the work done, Gala was able to attract more than $200 million in investments and increased the daily sales volume of their own token to $400 million.   

4. Icoda

Icoda is another reliable crypto digital marketing agency that prioritizes all the wishes of its clients. Their team consists of enthusiasts who are confident that advanced technologies and cryptocurrencies can completely revolutionize the approach to finance. The company fully supports cryptocurrencies, from ideas to marketing and listing.

Icoda's expert team provides its clients with a wide range of crypto marketing services to maximize brand exposure to a broad audience. The company has several offices in Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and Valencia. They also collaborate with more than 300 Worldwide resources, which ensures that the projects that Icoda undertakes to promote maximum coverage and attract potential investors. Proof of this is cooperation with popular Web3 companies such as Coin Gecko, CoinMarketCap, and Forklog.

As for the crypto marketing services that the agency provides, there are quite a lot of them, and you can familiarize yourself with them below:

  • Crypto SEO
  • Dedicated Marketing Team
  • NFT Promotion 2024
  • DeFi Promotion
  • Crypto Traffic
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Korean Marketing
  • Chinese Marketing

Case study:

The Icoda team was faced with the task of increasing brand awareness and attracting audiences and investors to the Qube blockchain project. The company's goal was to earn $200,000 in pre-sales and $1 million during the main one. Icoda developed a multi-level crypto marketing strategy that included web design, creating attractive content, community building, advertising in various resources, and Airdrop. Thanks to the crypto agency marketing efforts, Qube reached the initial monetary goal in three minutes. Thus, confidence in the crypto project increased, and during the further IDO, Qube managed to raise $1 million as they had planned.

5. Omni

Omni is the crypto marketing company that definitely deserves to be on this list. The Omni team is originally from Canada, and they provide marketing and management services for crypto projects. These guys have repeatedly shown that they are real pros when it comes to promoting the crypto community. They have vast experience in creating successful digital crypto marketing strategies. Given their skill and skills, they are ready to take on a project of any complexity because they are confident that they will cope with every task assigned.

By starting cooperation with Omni, you can be sure that your crypto business will gain a strong presence on social networks and attract new investors and audiences. An indication of their high-quality work is their partnership with many renowned Web3 companies including OptyFi, Raiinmaker, and Flipsies.

Omni provides its clients with a small but highly focused range of marketing services, including:

  • Crypto Influencer marketing
  • Blockchain Community Management
  • PPC
  • SMM
  • Strategic planning

Case study:

The case of OptyFi, the DeFi protocol using AI, has become one of the most successful examples of Omni's professionally done crypto marketing strategy. The initial goal of the marketing agency for this crypto project was to attract 50 participants who would make deposits, and build a community. Omni decided to combine several approaches into one marketing campaign. In particular, they used influencer marketing and content aimed at maximizing the involvement of the audience in the decision. As a result, the influx of users exceeded all expectations, and OptiFy was able to raise $1 million.

6. CryptoVirally

CryptoVirally is one of the best crypto marketing companies that has a universal approach to solving any given problem. Crypto marketing agency offers its clients ready-made packages of services that can be adjusted to any goals of a beginner or experienced crypto business. Here, you will find both NFT promotions and various press releases. The company also provides media relations services. For example, you can order guest posts on various crypto-themed websites, which allows you to reach the maximum number of people who visit all these web resources.

The CryptoVirally team consists of experienced marketing specialists who have repeatedly proven that cooperation with them bears fruit. During its existence, the agency managed to work with many well-known blockchain companies around the world, such as BinaryX, MyCointainer, BubbleFong Friends, CoinStats, and Bitrue.

CryptoVirally offers all its clients a wide range of services that will help make any crypto project known, transparent, and profitable. These include:

  • Press releases
  • Web design
  • SEO
  • Community management
  • Influencer marketing
  • NFT promotion
  • SMM

Case study:

SuperSloth approached CryptoVirally with a request to increase brand awareness and strengthen its market presence. After analyzing the task at hand, agency employees developed a marketing strategy that included PR and cooperation with influential persons. Their team began to look for suitable resources where articles were subsequently published that allowed them to increase their audience coverage. At the same time, we also worked with influencers. CryptoVirally also decided to work with well-known media such as Twitter (X), Yahoo, and Bloomberg. As a result, in the first week, posts on social networks collected more than 320 thousand views. At the same time, an influx of real subscribers began to the Twitter (X) account, which in a few days exceeded the mark of 10k followers.

7. Lunar Strategy

Last on our list, but not least important, is the Swedish marketing agency Lunar Strategy. The company is deservedly considered one of the best in the field of building and implementing successful crypto marketing campaigns. The Lunar Strategy team consists of professionals who have dedicated their lives to studying cryptocurrencies and blockchain. At the same time, on their official website, you can find articles that highlight their own research and prove the expertise of this company.

Lunar Strategy considers its primary goal to teach all its clients to adapt to the pace at which the cryptocurrency world is developing and turn this into their advantage over competitors. It is also worth noting that they work exclusively with Web3 projects and never leave their partners halfway towards achieving their goals.

For all the five years that this marketing agency has existed, they have already repeatedly proven that cooperation with them allows you to get faster and better results. In their practice, they managed to work with well-known crypto companies such as JPEGvault, Kounotori, Sahara Protocol, Rebus Chain, and Robo Inu.

If you decide to turn to Lunar Strategy, you will find that they provide all the services necessary for the successful marketing of a crypto project, such as:

Case study:

Rebus Chain is a company that, at the start, was a complete no-name without an audience, much less investors. They decided to contact Lunar Strategy to correct this situation. In turn, the agency began to create a detailed marketing plan in which they included many points. Their work began by collaborating with influencers and creating posts for paid press releases. Next, they created content that demonstrated all the advantages of the project. On top of that, Lunar Strategy began to develop a community. Ultimately, when the marketing campaign brought results, Rebus Chain received 23k followers on X (Twitter), 19k on Discord, and 4k on Telegram. Then, when the company started its ICO, it managed to raise more than $30 million. 

Final Thoughts

We understand perfectly well that now it is pretty difficult to find a truly professional marketing agency for crypto projects. Considering that choosing the right marketing approaches is necessary for your crypto business to attract investors and be heard by people, it is imperative to start cooperation with a crypto marketing agency that has extensive experience in marketing Web3 projects and is well versed in all the ins and outs of the crypto world. A good crypto marketing agency will help you create effective strategies for promoting your product following your budget. In this case, every cent spent will result in a positive result.

If you are ready to start a fruitful cooperation with a top crypto marketing agency, you can fill out the form below and we will offer you a custom marketing strategy. Our expert team understands the unique challenges associated with crypto marketing and what methods and approaches will help solve them with minimal cost and maximum effect. We will help you attract investors and make your project as transparent as possible for people. At the same time, our marketing strategies will attract a wide audience to your crypto solution that cannot pass by. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Crypto Marketing Company

How to select the best crypto agency?

To choose the best crypto marketing agency, you need to conduct research and select, for example, the five best candidates. Then, analyze the projects and companies they collaborated with, and it will be much easier for you to choose a worthy partner.

Why does my project need a crypto marketing firm?

If you decide to launch a crypto project, you are unlikely to be able to ensure its sufficient popularity alone. In addition, the public usually does not trust new, unknown projects, and the presence of such a partner network will allow you to increase the recognition of your brand, attract people and investors, and make your project more transparent.

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