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About project

DexCheck is a state-of-the-art Crypto and NFT Analytics platform powered by AI, delivering real-time insights, intelligent alerts, and in-depth market analysis to optimize your trading experience and help you get the best results!

DexCheck stands out as an industry-leading, AI-enhanced data analytics platform specializing in cryptocurrency and NFTs. Their distinct features include real-time charting, smart money tracking, token analytics, and even tracking top Crypto and NFT traders. They leverage advanced technology to offer intelligent alerts and AI-driven insights, making trading more efficient for our users.


Raise $770.000 at IDO
Attract users to the platform
Achieve a daily trading volume of $20 million on the listing

Project road-map

Marketing strategy

To promote the project, we used such tools as SMM, Community management, Shilling and Paid Ads. Also, the project team independently made placements in the media and with Crypto Influencers. We had several goals: to attract participants to IDO and to attract users of the product.

Artur Shustov
CEO Coinband
Social media marketing

To attract a new audience, we launched a contest in which we raffled off an allocation to the project. The conditions of the contest were to subscribe to the project's social media and community, and we gave extra points for each friend brought to the contest

Community management and shilling

We created localized communities for each target region to increase overall participant engagement. The audience was attracted to the community using Influencer Marketing and Paid Ads. 
Also, we used shilling in the form of infused dialogues about the project in:

The project's local communities;

In the communities of the launchpads where IDO will be;

in competitor communities;

under KOL's Twitter posts.

Paid Ads

We used Meta Ads, Google Ads, Coinzilla, A-ads and Bscscan Ads as one of the key tools to attract new audiences. To pass moderation, we set up cloaking, and divided the ad campaigns into several funnels:

Airdrop promotion

IDO promotion

Dexcheck platform promotion

Listing promotion

In total, the advertising budget for Paid Ads = $43,000

+1000 new platform users
Sold Out on all launchpads
$26 million in daily trading volume

IDO Achievement

Sold Out on all launchpads where IDO Dexcheck was held

Attracting users

More than $26 million in daily trading volume on the listing

Listing Achievement

+1000 new platform users



To increase community engagement, it is better to create local chats and put local moderators in them;


Paid Ads are effective in attracting IDO members;


After IDO, it is important to list for 7-14 days to keep the audience’s excitement high.

Client feedback

We started co-operation with Coinband 1.5 months before IDO. Their team did a great job and helped Dexcheck reach the next level. A successful IDO and listing is proof of that. I can note the flexibility and quick realisation of tasks from the Coinband team.

CEO Dexcheck
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