Top 11 Crypto PR Agencies | Best Blockchain PR Firm in 2024


Would you like to ensure a stable increase in the popularity of your crypto project? This means that you should pay special attention to public relations. In practice, they occupy a special place in the promotion of Web3 projects, as well as any other advanced tech solutions. 

On the other hand, the Web3 industry has its own specifics, ignoring which can lead all your marketing efforts to zero or even negative results since in the context of crypto projects, which are often perceived by the public as a scam, wrong promotion techniques can be disastrous. That's why it makes sense to seek help from experts in this particular industry. Below, we will look at a list of eleven leading crypto PR agencies, collaborating with which you will be able to recoup every cent. 

What Is PR for Crypto?

Public relations (PR) implies that the crypto company or its contractor builds and implements a communication strategy aimed at increasing reputation both among the target audience and competitors. The final task of the PR for crypto is to present the company and its team as experienced specialists whose opinions and work results are leading in the crypto niche.

At the same time, companies that have a lot of regular responsibilities far from marketing may face a lack of understanding of how to build a PR strategy for their products and/or services. In this regard, it makes sense for them to seek the help of blockchain PR agencies that would take responsibility for the implementation of this comprehensive task without distracting them from the main work processes.=

How Is It Different from Regular PR for Business?

Unlike PR strategies applicable to businesses in the Web 2.0 sector, crypto PR requires a special approach. The fact is that in 2024, the crypto and blockchain industries still remain fairly new phenomena for most people, which means that to interest them in your project and explain all its nuances, you will have to do more global work for the crypto PR agencies than in many other cases.

In addition, almost any PR strategy for crypto projects includes promoting your brand on Crypto Slate and Bitcoin News. This, in turn, requires some expertise on the part of digital marketers, who must understand what the “correct” marketing for these media platforms should be.

And finally, we note that the vast majority of crypto projects are aimed at international coverage instead of local markets, as is the case with the bulk of startup projects from the Web 2.0 sector. In this regard, in order for the chosen crypto PR strategy to be effective for such a wide target audience, your marketing team will have to conduct research on all proposed local markets and create sets of practices and methods for attracting and retaining customers in each of them.

In general, all these nuances fully explain why to successfully promote crypto projects, you need to contact specialized crypto PR firms since, otherwise, you will expose yourself to the risk of spending a lot of money completely in vain.

What Do PR Agencies for Crypto Do?

PR agencies specializing in the promotion of critical projects usually provide a wide range of marketing services, which together are capable of leading the project to success in a fairly short period of time. The average range of services of such agencies includes the following:

  • Public relations. Crypto PR services are aimed at regularly covering your project in the media in a favorable light, as well as creating a positive image and awareness of your company’s activities using the media.
  • Content marketing. Content marketing includes creating new content (text, video, etc.), optimizing existing content so that it is useful and informative for end users, and ensuring a good ranking of the company’s website in search engines.
  • Digital advertising. Paid advertising usually brings quick results, and the key to its effectiveness is proper setup. In turn, crypto PR agency specialists can take responsibility for all stages of setup, launch, and analysis of the results of this type of advertising.
  • Community management. Community management specialists are responsible for growing your community and ensuring productive interactions with its existing members through selected communication channels.
  • Reputation management. This type of service ensures the maintenance of loyalty from public opinion about your project by processing reviews on the Internet and optimizing ratings.
  • Website development. If your project does not yet have a digital presentation platform, your contractor can take responsibility for its implementation, design, and optimization.
  • Social media marketing (SMM). SMM ensures the presence of your brand on social platforms by presenting it in the right context and, thus, attracting potential customers.

Note that this is just a basic list of services, and, in fact, you can find an agency that will offer you some less trivial types of marketing. In general, when choosing a specific crypto PR agency, it makes sense to focus on reviews from real clients and, of course, your budget.

The Best 11 Crypto PR Firms to Build and Implement PR Strategy for Your Crypto Project

Now, we present to your attention the eleven best crypto PR companies, cooperation with which will bring you positive results.

#1. Coinband

CoinbBand is a blockchain PR firm from Ukraine with almost three dozen high-quality specialists whose activities are focused on promoting Web3 projects (blockchain, Dapps, NFT, GameFi, meta universes, crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, Fintech, and so on). Having an affordable pricing policy, this, probably the best crypto PR agency with almost 30 experts, develops both comprehensive digital marketing strategies and those that relate to a specific type of marketing – community management, paid advertising, web development, content marketing, influencer marketing, and, of course, PR. 

Currently, the company has more than 70 cases in its portfolio and grateful reviews from its clients from all over the globe. Every month, CoinbBand attracts more than one hundred thousand new customers to its clients, and every year, these figures become more and more outstanding. CoinbBand is proud of cooperation with such popular projects as Crypto GPT, Degen Zoo, Prime XBT, and Crypto Wallet. The company’s list of awards includes Best Crypto & NFT Marketing Agency (2022), Best Web3 Marketing Agency (2024), Top Rated ICO Marketing Agencies from Softwareworld, and Top Crypto Marketing from Clutch (2024). You can order the CoinbBand crypto PR services and discuss the details of your business solution right now. 

#2. NinjaPromo

This is a well-known crypto PR company, which, in addition to promoting projects from the Web3 sector, also specializes in marketing services for Web 2.0 Fintech and software solutions. In general, the company's competence currently covers twelve industries including startups in the 2B2 sector, iGaming, gaming, and eSports. NinjaPromo experts also claim that the optimal marketing budget is 2-5% of total profit, which means companies will be able to regulate their promotion costs depending on their income. For today, the company received more than ten blockchain marketing agency awards (Icohoder, Coincodex, Software World, and so on).

The company's key services are SMM, SEO, video production, PPC advertising, web development, branding, content marketing, email marketing, lead generation, and influencer marketing. In addition, this top crypto PR company offers development services of blockchain-based, mobile, and web solutions from scratch. NinjaPromo's notable clients include Polkadot, Dash,, Hycon, and BitForex. The cases presented in the company's portfolio demonstrate the fairly quick results of the work of its specialists – most projects received a significant increase in sales after 3-4 months from the start of cooperation.

#3. Melrose PR

This crypto PR firm is fully crypto-focused and dedicated to helping Web3 projects and companies achieve their communications goals. It was founded back in 2012, and over the years of its existence, it has grown from a small business with a basic set of marketing services into one of the top crypto PR agencies that has become a real guide to success. Specifically, it has been working with blockchain solutions since 2016. The company strives to sincerely cover the stories of innovative projects, no matter how complex their technological part may be. Thanks to this approach, decentralized, AI-based, Web3, and other advanced solutions gain mass adoption within a few months of the implementation of marketing strategies.

The company's specialists prepare their clients for upcoming interviews, create professional content (announcements, op-eds, blogs, explainer video scripts) and press releases, take responsibility for social media marketing, and so on. Among Melrose PR's clients are Moonbeam, Blockdaemon, and StormX.

#4. Lunar Strategy

Founded in 2019, this PR blockchain agency is one of the best in promoting NFTs and other blockchain-based solutions. The company's experts are well-versed in all the nuances of the Web3 industry and are able to offer their clients truly effective digital marketing solutions within their budgets. Considering the rather small staff (15+ employees), the company manages to achieve outstanding results for its clients case after case. Currently, the company's track record includes 150+ Web3 collaborations and more than a million attracted clients.

Currently, Lunar Strategy's range of services includes PPC advertising, SMM, community building, SEO, Google Ads, and landing page optimization. The company's famous clients are Game Starter, JPEGVault, and Nobility Token. Lunar Strategy has also received public recognition through awards from Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, Influencer Marketing Hub, Softwareworld, and Goodfirms.

#5. Single Grain

It is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps great companies grow their revenues online. At the same time, it doesn't sell one pre-made marketing package to all the businesses that request consultations with its experts. One of the main advantages of Single Grain is that it is headed by Eric Siu, a world-renowned investor and business advisor. Everyone at the company understands the blockchain industry from the inside out, which gives them the ability to create marketing campaigns that actually work. The main credo of Single Grain is to achieve a better balance between Customer Acquisition Cost and company profit.

Today, the agency’s range of services is extremely broad and includes SMM, SEO, PPC marketing, press release writing, community building, and much more. The company managed to collaborate with such projects as Polymath, Amazon, Uber, KhanAcademy, GiftedAndTalented, Treehouse, and Airbnb.

#6. MarketAcross

This blockchain PR company provides end-to-end marketing solutions for decentralized projects since 2014. Its specialists maximize the presence of blockchain-based projects on the Internet in the shortest possible time, as well as ensure awareness of them and loyalty from potential and existing customers. Also, its PR strategies and approaches are based on personal relationships with some of the world’s leading editors, writers, and content producers.

The founders of MarketAcross use pitches, writing texts, articles, videos, content platforms, press releases, and interviews to attract new audiences to projects they collaborate with. The MarketAcross team does not charge fees, forming a budget only based on the tasks that it can complete. Specifically, the firm develops effective messaging, PR, content marketing, content distribution, thought leadership, and reputation management strategies. Such projects as Polygon, Solana, and resorted to the company's services.

#7. Viral Nation

It is a certified and award-winning (33+ awards were received) digital marketing agency that combines time-tested and innovative approaches to promote blockchain (and other) projects. The company pays special attention to analytics, constantly adapting and optimizing selected methods to ensure maximum return on investment for its clients. Viral Nation also offers its clients ready-made solutions: Viral Nation_Secure, Viral Nation_Empower, Viral Nation_CreatorOS, and Viral Nation_CMO360, which can be used independently.

During its existence, the company has attracted more than a billion customers, and has also achieved average indicators of 7x for ROAS increase and -42% for CAC reduction. For  today, Viral Nation specializes in influencer marketing, NFT strategy development, and minting. The company was approached by such famous clients as Bud Light, PUBG MOBILE, and Meta Quest.

#8. NeoReach

Another company that has received public recognition for its PR services is NeoReach, which was included in the Fortune 500 companies list. 

Unlike the best crypto PR agencies mentioned above, this one only focuses on one type of marketing – influencer marketing, allowing its clients to gain instant access to over 5 million influencers' data and analytics. At the same time, the list of additional services is constantly expanding, and today, you can also order setup of PPC advertising, development of marketing campaigns, creative and content strategies, campaign coordination, communication & logistics, etc. Such world-famous brands as Honda, Nvidia, The New York Times, Walmart, and Airbnb have collaborated with the company.

#9. Coinbound

A leader in building communities on Discord or Telegram, Coinbound with 5+ years of crypto marketing experience is the next outstanding PR blockchain agency for Web3 projects that guarantees to lead your business to success. To date, the company has received awards from Clutch, Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, Influencer Marketing Hub, and Softwareworld.

The company’s specialists organize collaborations with influencers, build public relations, perform search engine optimization, create content for websites, and so on. This company is proud of its collaboration with MetaMask, Tron, Polygon, Cosmos, and Litecoin (the overall number of its clients for today is more than 750) and implemented 1,250+ marketing campaigns as well.

#10. ReBlonde

This tech PR agency from Israel operates using the two Cs: creativity and connections. The approach of this PR agency crypto experts cannot be called traditional: in their strategies, they often go beyond the usual and generally accepted digital marketing techniques. The core industries ReBlonde covers are tech PR, AI PR, crypto PR, Web3 PR, cyber PR, and Fintech PR. By this year, it received 6 global awards in digital marketing and collaborated with 145+ clients all over the world. 

The company’s range of services, including NFT marketing, media relations, SMM, PR, and much more, allows businesses to implement large-scale digital promotion strategies without resorting to the help of outside specialists. Over the years, ReBlonde was involved in the promotion of Celsius, Terra, and Couchbase.

#11. Guerilla Buzz

It is a top-tier blockchain PR, marketing, branding, community growth, and crypto SEO agency founded in 2017 in Israel. It has a proven in-house strategy and, unlike many of its competitors, is ready to take on projects that have just begun their formation and have not yet passed such important stages of their development as ICO, IDO, IEO, etc. Currently, Guerilla Buzz was awarded by Clutch as a top public relations company, partnered with more than 30 different Web3 companies, and helped them raise more than $300 million in funding.

The company pays special attention to promoting projects “among the people” through social platforms, forums, and online publishers. Guerilla Buzz has helped promote projects such as Bancor, CoolWallet, CoinGecko, ApeSwap, and PolySwarm.

Final Thoughts

Now, we are confident that thanks to our guide on the best blockchain PR companies, you can easily find an agency that fully meets your marketing goals and your budget. And, of course, you can always contact our Web3 marketing agency to get the best balance between pricing and quality of cryptocurrency PR services provided.


How much can the services of blockchain PR agencies cost?

The cost of blockchain PR agency services greatly depends on the pricing of the local labor market. In particular, by turning to companies that are located in countries with lower prices for digital marketing services, you can significantly save on the implementation of a blockchain public relations strategy for your project. In addition, it is important to understand that the cost of these services can be determined based on your budget, so choosing a specific company is best done after an individual discussion of the possibilities of promoting your project. If we talk about our pricing, currently, the hourly rate of our specialists ranges from $50-99, and the implementation of full-fledged PR crypto strategies starts from $5,000.

How long do I need to cooperate with blockchain PR companies to see results?

There are a number of digital marketing techniques aimed at getting quick results – these include influencer marketing and PPC advertising. However, to achieve more stable results, it makes sense to also resort to methods with a long-term perspective: SMM, SEO, website development and optimization, community management, and PR.

Where can I find the best cryptocurrencies PR agencies to promote my project?

Typically, the best crypto PR firms are presented on independent review platforms like Thus, users from all over the world can read reviews from real clients of these firms and also check the overall rating of a specific firm in comparison with its competitors. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable crypto PR agency, you can start your search from such platforms.

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