Top 5 Influencer Agencies for Your Web3 Project


Introduction to Web3

Web3 is the third generation of the Internet, the main feature of which is decentralized technologies, such as blockchain or distributed ledger systems, thanks to which users get more control over content and their data. Web3 allows users to create decentralized social networks, and content-sharing platforms and opens up opportunities for them to participate in new projects without losing control over personal data.

In this environment, marketing strongly depends on influencers, without whom not a single promotional campaign can do. If you want millions of people to know about your Web3 product, then you need to conduct an effective marketing campaign. Of course, other methods of promotion are also effective, but an influencer marketing strategy will attract the attention of many people to your project, which effective influencer marketing agencies can help you with.

Overview of Influencer Marketing in Web3

Influencer marketing, as the name suggests, relies on famous personalities advertising products or services to their audience, which can reach millions on social networks or other platforms.

Influencer marketing is gaining popularity among advertisers because it allows them to reach a wider audience more personally. Given the growing interest in Web3 for its potential and decentralized technologies in general, influencers will play an important role in its popularization.

Given their large impact on audiences, influencers can use this to educate and attract new users to new platforms and technologies. In this way, awareness of Web3 will grow, which will further simplify the interaction between influencers and Web3 project owners.

Interaction with Influencers

If you want your Web3 project to gain a wide audience, a good reputation, and brand recognition, influencer marketing will be an excellent solution for you to build an advertising campaign.

Influencers are very important for any business as they have gathered around them many interested people who trust them on their social networks. So if you work with an influencer who has an audience relevant to your target market, you can get a big boost in leads. This type of promotion brings more benefits than regular advertising because followers of influencers show trust in them and follow their opinions.

To effectively promote your Web3 project through influencers, you need to create a comprehensive strategy for cooperation with them. You need to find influencers with an audience that is interested in your niche and also have productive conversations with them. With the right approach, you can benefit greatly from such cooperation. And if you want to do this quickly and effortlessly, influencer agency partners can help you.

Choosing an Influencer Agency Partner

For best results, you should consider working with an influencer marketing agency. However, not all agencies are related to Web3 or community development. That is why we suggest you turn your attention to the best influencer management agencies.

The Top Five Web3 Influencer Managers for 2023

Below we will look at the top 5 agencies involved in influencer management


Coinband is a popular and reliable Web3 influencer agency that provides comprehensive marketing solutions. In particular, the company has established itself as an effective marketer in the field of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Coinband provides PR services and influencer initiatives helping its clients get their projects known and popular.

  • KOL’s database: 1000+
  • Marketing budget: from 5000$
  • Leading cases:
  • LayerAI
  • PrimeXBT
  • ChainGPT


This agency is making great strides in Web3 initiatives and promoting cryptocurrencies. In addition, NeoReach is one of the leading influencer agencies. Everyone on their team is passionate about their craft, and they help companies develop effective strategies to attract new audiences and strengthen their social media presence.

  • KOL’s database: 800+
  • Marketing budget: from 20000$
  • Leading cases:
  • Tezos
  • Clash
  • Byrna


NinjaPromo takes innovative approaches to developing Web3 influencer marketing strategies. The agency team consists of experienced professionals in the field of blockchain technologies. This way you are guaranteed to get the necessary popularity for your project.

  • KOL’s database: 500+
  • Marketing budget: from 5000$
  • Leading cases:
  • OKEX
  • Probit
  • Dash


The RGray agency has chosen a strategic approach to Web3 influencer marketing, which has won the trust of many companies. The experience they are willing to share will help your project gain new fans and increase its popularity in general.

  • KOL’s database: 1000+
  • Marketing budget: from 10000$
  • Leading cases:
  • GoodCrypto
  • ShapeShitf
  • Galileo

Lunar Strategy

This agency provides comprehensive Web3 marketing services and helps businesses create thriving communities. At the same time, Lunar Strategy skillfully deploys PR campaigns and professionally manages influencers, which makes them one of the best advertising agencies.

  • KOL’s database: 400+
  • Marketing budget: from 10000$
  • Leading cases:
  • Oasis
  • JPEGvault
  • PixelPix

Selecting your Influencer Marketing Agency

For high-quality promotion of your Web3 project, you will most likely need the services of marketing agencies. We hope that the services described above will help you take your product to a completely new level of popularity. After all, if you choose the right partner, you can create a campaign that will attract a large flow of new users, and thereby your brand will receive a lot of new potential customers.

Choose an agency wisely and work only with those who can provide you with a high level of community management and will bring maximum benefit from the created advertising campaigns.

Below we will look at some practical tips that you should remember before starting an advertising campaign.

  • Set clear and clear principles and expectations for both parties.
  • Make your campaign as transparent as possible to others.
  • Discuss expected goals, results and timelines.
  • Ensure consistent optimization by measuring engagement and analyzing results.

Now we would like to draw your attention to the benefits of influencer marketing.

  • Increasing popularity and awareness of your brand.
  • Increasing audience reach and involvement in your project.
  • More authentic community members who are more trustworthy.
  • Higher return on investment compared to other advertising techniques.


The main difference between a successful Web3 project and a failed one is its skill and ability to support a thriving community. With influencer marketing, you have the opportunity to attract new people to your product.

Coinband understands how important influencer marketing is for Web3 projects. That's why we help companies improve their reputation, increase awareness, and increase their reach to their target audience, which ultimately increases the value of your cryptography project.

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