NFT Marketing Guide for 2024


Every day NFTs are gaining more and more popularity, and there is an opinion that by 2025 the size of the global NFT market will exceed $80 billion. And this is not strange because many stars and brands help popularize this method of ownership.

How successful and long-lasting your NFT project will be depends on what kind of marketing campaign you run. In this guide, we will reveal all the secrets of successfully promoting your NFT project in 2024.

What Is NFT Marketing?

NFT marketing is a type of digital promotion of non-fungible tokens or services. In turn, NFTs are digital assets that are stored on the blockchain. These tokens can be anything, such as in-game items or art.

NFTs can create rare and unique digital items that can be traded or exchanged with other users. NFT marketing is a promising area where you can reach a wide audience. In doing so, artists can begin to capitalize on the growing market for digital collectibles.

Given the immediate growth of the industry, we can predict that companies and artists will increasingly use marketing strategies to be unique to their audience.

Laying the foundation for a solid marketing strategy

If you want to run a successful marketing campaign for your NFT project, you first need to conduct research and create a promotion strategy using modern Web3 technologies. Below are steps to help you create a solid NFT advertising strategy.

Find your niche

First, you should understand what makes your project unique and, based on this, choose a layer of your target audience. Only after a thorough analysis of the NFT niche can you unify your project and make every effort to develop it in one direction that will resonate with your audience. The most popular niches today are digital real estate, art, and gaming products.

Your unique message

You need to craft a compelling message that will set you apart from the crowd. Your unique selling point (USP) should demonstrate to the audience your motivation for creating your project, as well as its usefulness and transparency.

Your ideal target audience

Think in detail about which groups your offer will be most interesting to and how you can attract their attention. For example, if you sell a piece of art as an NFT that only has one copy, then perhaps your target audience will be collectors of unique assets.

Social media

To reach the maximum number of users, you need to optimize your advertising campaign for those social networks where your potential audience spends the most time. Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and Instagram are great for promoting NFT projects. If, for example, you have an NFT related to the gaming field, then it is best to advertise it on Twitter since, for example, Instagram is more suitable for works of art.

Proven NFT Marketing Strategies

Once you understand what NFT marketing is, it's time to delve into advanced NFT marketing strategies. Let's find out what methods of promoting NFTs are available to you if you have a certain budget.

  • Show how transparent your project is, and show community members the background and roadmap. Also, prove the legitimacy of your project by doxxing participants.
  • Develop unique utilities that are more than just art, but still serve real purposes.
  • Create high-quality scrolling content for social networks.
  • Build an interested community that will benefit from your NFT project.

Paid NFT Marketing Strategies

Any marketing strategy needs funding. If you invest money in advertising your NFT project, you will be able to get wider coverage. Of course, you can try to advertise your NFTs for free, but the result will be meager and will not justify the effort invested. Let's take a closer look at paid advertising techniques

Influencer marketing

To promote your NFT project, you can use collaborations with influential people, which will allow you to reach a wide audience. Influencers often have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers who trust them. So if an influencer posts or makes a video about your NFT, his or her audience may be interested in your project.

Collaborating with the NFT marketing agency for an expert approach

If you want to create a successful marketing campaign for existing NFTs, then you should seek the services of professional marketing agencies who will help you achieve the popularity of your project and subsequently high sales.

You can start promoting yours with Coinband. We can help you develop a customized marketing strategy based on our deep knowledge of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Web3. Together with us, your project will be able to gain wide audience coverage and high user involvement.

Use PR to build credibility for your NFTs

Another effective method of advertising NFTs is publishing PR articles. This way you can increase the trust of others in your project, and many more people will be able to see your creations. You can use such publications to tell readers about your project and its updates. But remember that you always need to monitor the quality of materials and follow the submission guidelines of publications that provide resources in order for your article to be accepted.

PPC advertising & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your NFTs

An excellent solution for promoting NFTs is to create your own website. Here you will be able to showcase your creations on an optimized page and will also be able to run pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Such advertising campaigns increase your presence in search engines and thereby increase your chances of your project attracting more attention. An important part of such a marketing strategy is optimizing texts by inserting relevant keywords or phrases. You should also consider creating scroll-stopping ads.

An effective method of increasing rankings in search engines is also search engine optimization (SEO). In this case, you should contact a marketing agency that will select keywords for you and use special tools that can increase the ranking of your website in social networks and search results.

Free Marketing Tactics for Your NFT Art

After you have learned about methods of promoting NFTs that require financial expenses, let’s talk about those opportunities that only require you to study on your own.

Social Media & Community Platforms

The most popular methods of promoting NFTs are publications on social networks and public platforms. If you begin to systematically publish interesting and high-quality content related to the creation and sale of your NFT art, then social network users will feel involved in your project and thus be interested in your further actions. This way you can create your own NFT community.


Twitter has become a mecca for the highest-converting NFT-related marketing campaigns. This social network is very popular among artists, buyers, and collectors of NFTs where they can interact with each other and discover new interesting projects. A platform called Crypto Twitter has become an integral part of the work of artists who want to succeed in the NFT niche.

Please note that you should optimize your profile well and always be aware of all the latest news and trends. Also, don’t forget to be active and interact with other NFT creators to always be part of the discussion.


An equally popular place where you can post and sell your NFTs is Discord. Here, creators can create their own NFT communities to showcase, sell, or exchange NFT art. There are also some unpleasant incidents behind Discord, such as scams and hacks that have led to the leakage of confidential data and the spread of malware, which is why some artists are wary of the platform.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that your Discord server is absolutely safe for users so that they can get to know your work and each other in a comfortable environment.

Also, quite popular platforms for NFT artists are Telegram, Reddit, and Instagram. These social networks are home to a significant number of NFT collectors, artists, and enthusiasts. Therefore, you should conduct advertising campaigns on all platforms, and from each, you will receive a share of the newly arrived audience. As a result, you can analyze which social network your community is most active on and develop the selected platforms. You can also organize cross-marketing between your social media accounts and direct members of your community to where there is more activity.

NFT Marketing Messages

You can set up private messaging to encourage people to learn more about your NFT project, as they may find something valuable in either your art, related utility, or your NFT community.

Explore Crypto Spaces

You can create your own crypto metaverse where not only potential buyers and connoisseurs of NFT art will gather, but also other artists. There they will be able to communicate, show off their works of art to other users, and hold virtual events. Great examples of such crypto metaverses are Cryptovoxels and Decentraland. Here, users can access the platform through a browser and begin communicating with other digital art enthusiasts or begin virtual exploration.

List Your Digital Asset On Popular NFT Marketplaces

A great way to make a positive impression on potential buyers is to list your NFT assets on specialized platforms like OpenSea, SuperRare, or Rarible. Imagine that the NFT market is a virtual decentralized shopping center where everyone who wants to purchase NFTs views all available items. Agree, you can’t buy something you don’t even know about.

Many NFT marketplaces allow art owners to connect potential buyers with external communication channels, such as social networks. This is why all your communication channels must be optimized to the maximum and your roadmap must be transparent and consistent. Your interaction with other artists and users should be as friendly as possible.


An NFT is a unique digital asset that is located on the blockchain. We know of two options for NFTs: virtual assets and tokens. How well your NFTs will sell directly depends on how successful your marketing campaign is. This is why any piece of art in the form of an NFT needs to be promoted to a specific target audience and done so on the right platforms.

The best NFT marketing strategy is one that combines your creativity and community. This is the only way you can sell your non-fungible tokens en masse. We hope that our guide will help you maximize your NFT sales. But if you are not sure that you can handle it on your own, then you can contact us. Our team of experienced experts will develop for you an effective marketing strategy that will help you get maximum audience coverage and increase conversion.

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