How to Advertise a Discord Server: Ways to Promote in Best Places


Discord is a popular digital platform for interaction via text messages, as well as voice and video rooms. Many years ago, it united gamers – there, they shared their strategies and other insights with their comrades from all corners of the world. 

However, today, the scope of Discord has gone beyond the gaming industry, and, in particular, it is actively used for the formation of all kinds of Web3 communities. If creating a community is part of your global marketing strategy, this material will be a must-read – here, we will share tips on how to promote Discord server.

How to Promote Your Discord Server

Discord is based on so-called servers, all-encompassing environments for interaction between participants, where they can select the topics they want (they are called channels) and communicate or consume information

Given this platform’s nature, to promote your Discord server, you should focus on both providing participants with well-structured and valuable content and on using the platform's unique features, such as bots (for moderation, automation of regular tasks, polls, etc.), personalized newsletters, integrations with third-party software solutions (including social media, streaming platforms, business applications, etc.), assigning participant roles, reward systems, and so on.

Since it may take you a lot of time to deeply master all the features of Discord, it makes sense to entrust your server promotion to real professionals. In particular, you can contact our crypto community moderation agency to get the most out of opportunities provided by this platform.

Best Way to Advertise Discord Server

Now, let's look step by step at how this advertising occurs.

Create an invitation link

This is the first thing you should start your Discord promotion with since this link will allow users from third-party resources to get to your server, be it your website, social networks, or a community on any other platform. If you are going to place a link in an advertisement, formulate a small CTA that will show the value of your community for its potential participants.

Demonstrate your authority in the Web3 niche

Make sure that the content you generate is professional and expert, whether it's tutorials, free-topic AMAs, or something else. After all, your Discord community can ultimately become a source of high-quality Web3 information for a wider audience than just your project's fans.

Use bots

To reduce the scope of work you will need to do manually, you can use the bots that Discord has. For example, they can take responsibility for answering frequently asked questions, processing requests from users, and even collecting analytical data that will be useful for you to evaluate user activity.

Take advantage of integration with advertising platforms

Since this platform has extensive integration capabilities with third-party solutions, you can benefit from this for your project as well. For example, to promote your Web3 community, check out the functionality of Facebook Ads Manager. Here, you can narrow down the target audience for your advertising campaigns, as well as ensure better server’s visibility in organic search.

Communicate with members of other servers

Don't neglect self-promotion opportunities – for this, become an active member of other servers to communicate with other Web3-dedicated participants and unobtrusively mention your project. The main thing is to do it appropriately, otherwise your messages may be deleted by moderators.

Check your content for compliance with the platform's internal policies

Finally, you will need to make sure that you are not violating any internal rules and policies of Discord – in particular, that you are not spamming and your activity here does not look like a scam. Otherwise, your account may be banned.

Where Can I Advertise My Discord Server?

There are some pretty popular advertising platforms that you can use to promote your Discord server. 

Best Places to Advertise Discord Servers

Let's take a quick look at the five best places to advertise my Discord server below.

This is a comprehensive platform where you can host and categorize your community so that potential members can easily find it. Also, it offers premium features to improve promotion.

Discordservers is a platform that provides a detailed directory of Discord servers, allowing users to search for servers by categories and tags.

Ideal Invite

On this server with an ever-growing audience, you can advertise both your server and the social networks of your Web3 project.


This is a bump bot from Discord that you can use to link to other bump services to boost the number of other servers that your ads reach. 

Public Growth Discord Servers

Finally, this is a great advertising solution you can also use to promote your crypto solution. However, for better results, you have to join as many servers as possible.

Features of Promoting Discord Servers

In general, there are two aspects to effective Discord server promotion: constantly increasing the number of new participants and retaining existing ones

To successfully implement the first, you can apply all the recommendations described above (use the best places to advertise Discord servers, communicate with participants of other servers, connect bots, etc.), and, in addition, ensure an effective adaptation process for newcomers: create instructions for navigating channels, implement a reward system for the activity, provide a guide to setting up a profile, ensure quick access to basic educational materials, etc. 

As for the second aspect – retaining existing participants – here, you will need to carry out a more extensive front of work, starting from developing valuable and unique content in various formats and providing participants with instant feedback and ending with the creation of channels for discussions and their constant moderation. And yes, from time to time, don’t forget to check that the link to your server is still valid.

Tips for Promoting a Discord Crypto Server from Coinband Marketers

Finally, here are some valuable insights from our team that will help you advertise a Discord server:

  • Optimize its structure: ensure effective navigation by dividing all the content on it into thematic channels and removing messages and materials that are no longer relevant;
  • Work on the visual component: your server should demonstrate your brand identity – for this, you can customize it by choosing an appropriate color palette, adding a logo, and so on;
  • Plan exciting online events: Discord residents really like AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, webinars, and other live events, so you will need to plan them on a regular basis;
  • Do not forget about moderation: use bots or live moderators to maintain a healthy atmosphere of communication and prevent spam and scams from participants;
  • Implement monetization tools: the opportunity to receive financial benefits from the activity will motivate your participants to bring their friends to your server;
  • Provide effective feedback: no matter how many members you have on your server, you need to provide quick feedback to each of them – for example, using automated bots;
  • Track user engagement metrics: regularly check metrics such as the number of active users per day, retention rate, and engagement rates for different types of content – this way, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your promotion strategy and optimize it.

Bottom Line

If you would like to advertise your Discord server in the most effective way, just approach us, and we will provide you with comprehensive marketing services. Our experts will help you develop and implement effective promotion strategies, ensuring your Web3 community grows. Turn to Coinband to use our crypto marketing expertise and experience to make the promotion of the Discord server successful.

Discord Server Advertising FAQ

How to share your Discord server?

To share your Discord server, you can use special promotion platforms, advertise on other popular servers, or resort to the services of a Web3 digital marketing agency to delegate all these tasks to its experts.

Is it possible to advertise your Discord server for free?

You can advertise your Discord server for free, but for this, you will have to make enormous efforts, which may not result in anything useful for your business as a whole. 

Do you provide Discord server promotion services?

Coinband provides comprehensive services for marketing the crypto community, including promoting Discord server. You can contact us to develop a perfect-match marketing strategy for your Web3 solution.

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