Top 21 Crypto Twitter Influencers in 2024


If Instagram today can be considered a concentration of everything that can be sold through a properly selected visual, Twitter confidently takes a leading position in promoting all sorts of high-tech projects and, in particular, everything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This is where the SpaceX CEO once “forced” thousands of followers around the world to invest in the meme coin, and this is where you can try the same trick with your project.

That’s why we decided to dedicate this material to a review of twenty-one top crypto influencers on Twitter, using whose insights (and, as an option, their direct help) you will be able to popularize your project.

Best and Biggest Crypto Influencers on Twitter

Below, we will share with you a list of top Twitter users whose opinions in the crypto industry are valued all over the world. Follow them right now to become closer to the biggest crypto communities around the globe!

21. DustyBC Crypto (@TheDustyBC) 

This young talent runs popular channels on Twitter and YouTube named DustyBC Crypto News. DustyBC went through a long and thorny path to become a financial professional, which required him to gain vast experience and knowledge. However, it helped him dive into the industry so profoundly that he became a world-famous content creator, trader, and investor. This guy is always ready to talk about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, exchanges, BNB, and more. Dusty loves sharing valuable knowledge about crypto projects and collections that deserve special attention. 

20. Trader_J (@Trader_Jibon)

This profile with almost 160 thousand followers is a real treasure for those who are looking for reliable data about the rise/fall of prices of popular cryptocurrencies: the mention of this Twitter user in thematic media and personal profiles of other cryptocurrencies is genuinely fantastic. Trader_J publishes several price movements daily, giving his followers valuable trading insights. Also, occasionally, this one of the most promising crypto influencers on Twitter posts into his feed recommendations to take a closer look at some unpopular cryptos. That’s why his profile may be the starting point for the popularity of your project.

19. Cevo (@cryptocevo) 

Crypto Cevo became famous thanks to his in-depth overviews of promising projects on the Medium blog of the same name. Currently, his Twitter account is marked with the coveted blue tick, and this is not without reason: he is one of the few influencers who shares in his profile valuable things for those interested in booth crypto and his lifestyle. Overall, this is a very cool profile with its own unique “homey” atmosphere, which, we are sure, is loved by many people.

18. WhalePanda (@WhalePanda)

WhalePanda was created by Josh Olszewicz in 2013 (his real name is Stevens Jespers). He runs the YouTube channel Magical Crypto Friends. The channel is hosted by WhalePanda, Charlie Lee, Riccardo Spagni, and Samson Moe. WhalePanda has built an image of a successful crypto influencer and very often expresses his opinions on assets, leveraged trading, and scammers.

17. Loomdart (@loomdart) 

Loomdart is a fairly popular influencer on Twitter. He often covers important topics like metaverses, NFTs, coin prices, and the general development trends in the cryptocurrency industry. Also, Loomdart, together with @phyopcop and @clorbus, founded Metadrop, a platform where users can make NFT drops. In general, on this account, you can get a lot of useful information about the crypto market. 

16. Koroush AK (@KoroushAK) 

Koroush Khaneghah loves to share useful tips on profitable cryptocurrency trading with his Twitter audience. He provides free financial education materials to his subscribers because he considers his essential duty is to help people achieve financial freedom and improve their financial situation. Koroush also runs his own channel on YouTube, where he already has more than 100k subscribers.

In his YouTube episodes, he discusses personal growth, investing, business, and trading. He also shares his experience with blockchain businesses and venture capital firms to help them prosper (if he thinks that they deserve his and his audience’s attention). In addition, Koroush creates and shares tutorials on cryptography and tokenomics. Therefore, if you want to know more about these topics, you should subscribe to his accounts on social networks.

15. Mayne (@Tradermayne)

Trader Mane is one of the top crypto influencers on Twitter as he posts lengthy live announcements about the crypto markets and short analyses of altcoins. Being an experienced price-action trader, he gives simple and practical advice on the psychology of cryptocurrency trading. Depending on whether the price is recovering or losing a certain level of support, he prefers to determine the current price range in which the asset is trading and look for long or short positions at the extreme points of the spectrum.

14. Gordon (@AltcoinGordon) 

Altcoin Gordon is engaged in buying and selling altcoins. On his Twitter account, he often provides his subscribers with lists of the most promising altcoins for investment. He rarely explains the reasons why you should choose one or another altcoin, but his predictions come true with enviable frequency. That is why his opinion is highly valued in the world crypto community. 

13. XO (@Trader_XO) 

Trader XO is a popular level-to-level and price-action trader. He pays a lot of attention to micro and macro analysis. In his streams, he often discusses macros, charts of Bitcoin, and other highly valuable digital assets. XO believes that the markets will be subject to declines and some coins will fall in value, but he is still very optimistic about GLMR.

12. WIZZ (@CryptoWizardd)

Wizz specializes in altcoins and regularly publishes entry and exit prices for many different cryptocurrencies. He supports the vision that one of the community's goals is to create a group of people willing to explore new investment opportunities. The community, he claims, will be linked by the $WIZZ token. At the same time, you can glean a lot of unique and interesting information from his account.

11. That Martini Guy ₿ (@MartiniGuyYT) 

Jordan, owner of the YouTube channel That Martini Guy, has been making videos about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin since 2016. His popularity in cryptocurrency is unmatched, as he is always willing to share his knowledge with anyone looking for success! With over 110k subscribers on YouTube and over 500k followers on Twitter, one of the top crypto Twitter influencers brings together influencers left, right, and center – it doesn't matter what level you are or where you live because if you need some help in studying cryptocurrencies, there are only a few more qualified than him.

With a proven track record of success in the blockchain space and startups turned into functional revenue models, That Martini Guy is the ideal candidate for any company that needs help spreading their message. Note that he previously worked on projects such as Harmony, aXpire, and Ampleforth, increasing their visibility through mass-market promotional strategies.

10. Adam Back (@adam3us) 

Adam Back, being one of the biggest crypto influencers on Twitter, in 1997 invented the Hashcash, a proof-of-work system, which was used to verify cryptocurrency and blockchain in our time. Adam has made an invaluable contribution to creating one of the world's most disruptive crypto-financial infrastructures through his brainchild, Blockstream. His organization makes titanic efforts to develop distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and exciting cryptocurrency projects. Adam Back is also widely regarded as a leading cryptography expert, specializing in distributed file systems, cryptography protocol design and protocols, peer-to-peer systems, and security architecture.

9. Crypto Rover (@rovercrc) 

Crypto Rover takes cryptocurrency and the entire digital finance industry to a new level by providing his knowledge and insights through exceptional and educational videos on his YouTube channel, which already has over 114k subscribers. This one of the best Twitter crypto influencers shares tips, tricks, and other useful information about cryptocurrency, trying to reach all those who want to gain significant knowledge and benefit from it. From the very beginning of his social media activity, Crypto Rover knew what he wanted to do in his life. He believes he could contribute significantly to the industry by disseminating his knowledge and technical know-how.

8. Roger Ver (@rogerkver)

Roger Ver was one of the first who popularized Bitcoin back in 2011. This crypto influencer on Twitter was also one of those who introduced blockchain and invested considerable funds in crypto companies such as Bitcoin,, Kraken, and Ripple. Roger is one of the first entrepreneurs to accept payment in Bitcoin. His one of the most influential crypto Twitter accounts is followed by more than 742k people around the world: in particular, his feed has become a very popular resource for news about Bitcoin and other well-known cryptos.

7. Tyler Winklevoss (@tyler)

Tyler Howard Winklevoss is the founder of Winklevoss Capital Management and the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange. He is also a successful investor and Olympic rower. Tyler, his brother Cameron, and Divya Narendra created a Twitter influencers crypto project, HarvardConnection, which was later renamed ConnectU. In 2004, the brothers sued Mark Zuckerberg, who, in their opinion, stole the idea of ​​creating Connect and developed Facebook based on it. According to Forbes, each of the brothers owns $1.4 billion worth of cryptocurrency. All this explains why this Twitter crypto influencer is so popular all over the world.

6. Charlie Lee (@SatoshiLite)

Charlie Lee is known for being the founder of Litecoin, a fully decentralized open-source global payment network with no central governing bodies. Before Charlie began investing in cryptocurrency, he worked as a computer scientist. On his profile, which can boast more than 1 million subscribers, this one of the biggest crypto influencers on Twitter writes about the progress and development of Litecoin, as well as shares the latest news from the crypto community.

5. Altcoin Daily (@AltcoinDailyio)

Twin brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold, considered by many as the best crypto influencers on Twitter, maintain Altcoin Daily, a cryptocurrency YouTube channel with over 1.3 million subscribers. Altcoin Daily covers the most extensive updates in the cryptocurrency space, including the best crypto projects’ success stories and analysis covering the top blockchains and cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana, XRP, and Cardano. Their expertise extends to NFTs, metaverses, Web3, cryptocurrency mining, trading, and investing. Mostly, they focus on providing insightful and informative views on the most promising cryptocurrencies.

4. Anthony Pompliano (@APompliano)

Anthony Pompliano, an American entrepreneur and venture capitalist, is one of the most prominent figures in the world cryptocurrency community. Also known as "The Pomp", he hosts The Pomp Podcast and publishes The Pomp Letter, a daily cryptocurrency newsletter that reaches over 45,000 investors. Pomp is also a co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, the cryptocurrency arm of major investment management firm Morgan Creek Capital.

Pompliano is one of the best crypto influencers on Twitter, with approximately 1.6 million followers. As one of the industry's leading advocates, Pompliano stands out for his pro-Bitcoin position, predicting that it will surpass gold in market capitalization in less than a decade and hit the $400,000 mark in the long term. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and sociology. He also served as a sergeant in the US Army from 2006 to 2012.

3. Vitalik Buterin (@VitalikButerin)

Vitalik Buterin is a Canadian programmer of Russian origin and the creator of the Ethereum blockchain platform which allows developers to create smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) with arbitrary ownership rules, transaction formats, and registration rules.

In 2014, this crypto influencer on Twitter beat out Mark Zuckerberg and received the World Technology Network award in the Software category. Co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine joined the editorial board of Ledger magazine in 2015. In 2021, Forbes USA inducted Vitalik Buterin into the 30 Under 30 Hall of Fame. He is one of the most famous crypto influencers on Twitter, with 4.9 million users, who provide exciting and valuable information about the crypto world on a daily basis.

2. Changpeng Zhao (@cz_binance) 

The creator of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, Changpeng Zhao, is considered one of the most mysterious figures in the crypto industry. This one of the top Twitter crypto influencers doesn't look like a billionaire: he has neither expensive mansions nor luxury cars. In addition, the businessman does not appear publicly and leads a private lifestyle.

As the CEO of Binance, one of the world's largest and most successful centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, CZ's Twitter feed offers a wealth of information. From minor updates to significant changes, CZ's tweets have impacted other exchanges, with the FTX fiasco last November as a specific example.

1. Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 

Elon Musk complements our list of the top Twitter crypto influencers. He is known worldwide for his innovative ideas, which he successfully implemented in his companies, Tesla and SpaceX. Musk also owns Twitter, where he often covers topics related to cryptocurrencies. Thus, Elon Musk became one of the most influential people in the world of cryptocurrencies.

His followers of more than 156 million always look forward to tweets about cryptocurrencies, and the comments he often leaves spark discussions and debates. But, despite his influence, some of his tweets have also sparked controversy and criticism, with some arguing that they are irresponsible and could cause market manipulation.

Final Thoughts on Crypto Influencers on Twitter

We hope this material about the biggest cryptocurrency influencers on Twitter helped you find your most influential project ambassador, and now your marketing strategy has become more apparent to you and your team. If you want to delegate the task of promoting your project to third-party experts, feel free to contact us. Currently, we provide SMM services, PR, community management, work with influencers, and much more that bring crypto projects to their finest hour. Contact us right now to discuss the prospects for our cooperation, and, in the shortest possible time, you will be able to enjoy positive results! 

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