11 Best ICO Marketing Agencies in 2024


Many Web 3 projects launch ICOs but do not receive the required amount of investment, and because of this, they have to shift their deadlines for subsequent stages of their development. Often, the reason for this is ineffective marketing that does not reveal all the advantages of the project and does not literally convince the target audience of “why they should invest in this particular project and not in any other and whether it is just another scam.” 

At the same time, it is important to understand that it is straightforward to inflate your marketing budget, especially when it comes to innovation and, in particular, Web 3 solutions, but you do not receive any guarantees that your ROI will be positive. In this regard, you need to carefully choose specific marketing methods and the most prosperous time and method of their implementation. In general, if you want to avoid becoming an outsider in planning your budget for ICO promotion, you should consider collaborating with an agency with relevant experience. Actually, below, we will talk about how to approach the search for the best ICO marketing agency responsibly. 

Top ICO Marketing Companies: Checking the Most Reliable Ones

Let's look at the ICO marketing agency list that received the best ratings on Google and collected hundreds of positive reviews on independent platforms.


Coinband is a top ICO marketing agency specializing in crypto advertising, including SMM, SEO, PR, PPC, influencer marketing, and community management. Even though this agency was founded relatively recently in 2022, its team has received prestigious awards from Clutch, Influencer Marketing Hub, Digital Agency Network, and Softwareworld. Unlike many other agencies, Coinband understands that most Web3 projects that need to develop a strategy for promoting their ICO have a limited budget and, therefore, use only those approaches and methods that will pay off the most. Proof of this is the rapid leap in developing their clients' projects, observed time after time after this event. This is confirmed by the experience of working with currently thriving projects such as Tenet, Uniswap, Crypto Wallet, Chain GPT, etc.


Icoda is one of those ICO marketing agencies that offers a wide range of services. It provides its clients with marketing, technical, and legal services. Its professional team has extensive experience in carrying out ICO campaigns, which has earned it many positive reviews. 


Crytodex, which was founded more than eight years ago, can also be called one of the best ICO marketing firm. They provide marketing services worldwide, and this list includes not only ICO promotion. For example, Crytodex provides consulting on smart contracts. They are also knowledgeable in social media and community building.


Applicature is an accelerator that, in addition to full service blockchain development, key relationship development and advisory services, provides marketing services for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Their team has experience in running successful ICO marketing campaigns. They can also boast of cooperation with many successful companies.


Crowdcreate is another top best ICO marketing firm that has been on the market for more than ten years. The main task of these experts is to attract the audience's attention to the crypto project they are involved in. Thus, over the years of their existence, they have developed methods for attracting investors that have been tested in practice and have borne fruit. 


MarketAcross is an ICO PR agency considering its calling to create successful marketing campaigns, particularly for ICOs. You will see many positive reviews by asking a query with their name in a search engine because this company has become adept at creating effective methods for promoting crypto solutions.


ICOBox is also one of the best ICO marketing agencies. The company has a broad specialization in Web 3 and blockchain technologies. Its extensive portfolio, which is chock-full of successful ICOs, speaks for itself, showing that this agency is definitely worth your attention. 


Softprodigy is an ICO marketing agency located not only in the USA but also in India. The main credo of the team is an individual approach to each client, which ultimately leads to the achievement of all their goals. Experts from Softprodigy will help you attract potential users and investors in the most natural ways.


SoluLab has been promoting ICOs for years, and during this time, they have proved that when they get down to business, the best possible result is guaranteed. Their team consists of multidisciplinary experts who will help your crypto project attract investors and audiences through various techniques such as SMM, community building, etc. 

Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory are professionals in creating digital marketing campaigns aimed at growing the audience of a cryptocurrency project. Their team of experienced marketers is always ready for a new brainstorm to generate new ideas to attract new users and investors. In addition, over the years, the company has collected an extensive portfolio and thousands of positive reviews. 

Digital X

Digital X is an ICO agency and investment bank that has earned the trust of its clients with a unique approach to creating marketing campaigns. They have hundreds of projects that have received the maximum benefit from promoting their products. Numerous reviews about their professionalism make you think about starting a cooperation with them. 

How to Choose ICO Marketing Firm: Best Practices

Choosing professional ICO marketing companies can be difficult, especially given the high competition. Thus, you should choose those companies that have experience conducting such events, an extensive portfolio, and good reviews. It is also important for you to understand the approximate price of the services provided to you, and it should not make your business bankrupt.

In this case, you should pay attention to those ICO agencies that select a pack of services for the client's specific goals instead of trying all the methods to waste money on ineffective approaches. In particular, Coinband practices such cooperation and will select for you only those marketing practices that will really attract the audience to your solution.

ICO Marketing Services that Work the Best

When you resort to ICO marketing services, you need to choose an agency that can select those methods that will work for maximum effect and, at the same time, will not create a hole in your budget. Such approaches include:

  • Airdrops. Distributing your cryptocurrency to an audience can attract many interested people who will convert into loyal users.
  • Content marketing. You need to create high-quality and unique content that can attract the public. It is also essential to make it colorful and informative so that people gain new helpful knowledge.
  • Crypto influencer marketing. This ICO marketing service involves cooperating with famous people who are opinion leaders in the field of cryptos and blockchain. Such partnerships can increase user numbers significantly.
  • Community management. 24/7 crypto community management will help you ensure transparency and people's loyalty to your project. You may need several moderators, which Coinband can provide.
  • SMM. A solid social media presence is also significant to promote your project. Thus, by collaborating with an ICO marketing firm, you will receive an increase in your audience thanks to the correct management of your pages.


If you want to run a successful ICO, you need to enlist the support of a professional marketing agency. In this material, we have listed the 11 best ICO marketing companies that have a unique approach to promoting crypto projects. Coinband can become a reliable partner in promoting your solution. We will select the most suitable advertising strategies that will bear fruit in the shortest possible time and allow you to save a lot of money. Fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss the details of marketing your project.

Frequently Asked Questions About ICO Advertising Agency

How do you know if your ICO marketing campaign is successful?

To get an objective answer to this question, you must measure the following metrics: token price dynamics, number of participants, community activity, scraping speed, and total amount of funds raised.

What marketing methods are most effective in promoting ICOs?

When collaborating with an ICO advertising agency, the most effective promotional methods are influencer marketing, community management, SMM, airdrops, and content marketing.

What factors should you consider besides the cost of services when choosing an ICO marketing agency?

Even if the ICO marketing company you have chosen cannot give you any promises or forecasts about the cost of attracting a lead, it should still be ready to show ready-made cases that demonstrate its reduction in comparison with what it was at the time of application or Initially, “if this is the first and only collaboration with a marketing agency,” the price should be acceptable for your budget too.

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