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    Kharkiv, edition of October 12, 2022

    1.1. This Public Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Offer, Agreement) is the official offer of the "Contractor" on the site, on the provision of advertising agency services (hereinafter referred to as the Services) using Internet marketing tools, a legal and/or capable individual persons (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) on the terms below by providing services.
    1.2. In accordance with Articles 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (Civil Code of Ukraine), if the conditions set forth below are accepted and the services are paid for, the legal or natural person who accepts this offer becomes the Customer (acceptance of the offer is tantamount to concluding an agreement on the conditions set forth in the offer). By accepting the Offer, the Customer thereby confirms that these conditions do not infringe on his legal rights and interests.
    1.3. This Agreement for the provision of services (Offer) is considered concluded (accented) from the moment the Customer fills out the Application for the service on the Contractor's Website and the Customer's funds are credited to the Contractor's settlement account.
    1.4. The Contractor and the Customer provide mutual guarantees of their legal capacity and legal capacity necessary for the conclusion and execution of this Agreement for the provision of services.
    1.5. By accepting the Offer, the Customer thereby confirms that these conditions do not limit his legal rights and interests. In connection with the foregoing, carefully read the text of this Offer and if you do not agree with any clause of the Offer, the Contractor invites you to refuse to use the services.

    2.1. For the purposes of this Offer, the terms below are used in the following meaning:
    Offer - a real social contract for the provision of Services.
    Site - an Internet site:, which is used by the Contractor on the property rights.< br> Services - any services of the Contractor, the types and cost of which is determined individually or consulting services in another form. The form and the need for the provision of related services are determined by the Contractor independently.
    Acceptance of the Offer - full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer by performing actions for 100% prepayment for the Services. Nikolaevich or another business entity that has the right to provide services to the Customer on the terms of this Offer.
    The Customer is the person who accepted the Offer on the terms set forth in it.
    Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Contract) is an agreement between the Customer and Contractor for the provision of services, which is concluded through the Acceptance of this Offer.

    3.1. The subject of this Offer is the provision of Advertising Services to the Customer by the Contractor in accordance with the terms of this Offer by providing services in an online format for a fee paid by the Customer to the Contractor, or providing services to the Customer for a fee at the current rates of the Contractor.
    3.2. The cost of each type of Service is set individually by the Contractor. This Agreement for the provision of Services is considered concluded from the moment the funds are received on the account of the Contractor.
    3.3. Payments under this agreement are made by one of the methods offered to the Customer, including by clicking the "Pay" button, which include:
    - Payment by electronic means;
    - Payment through payment terminals or Internet banking;
    - Payment to the Contractor's settlement account through a bank or an acquiring bank;
    - Payment through specially authorized agents (individuals or legal entities);
    - Other methods upon prior agreement with the Contractor.

    4.1. The Contractor provides the Customer with limited access to the service posted on the Site.
    4.2. Types and methods of payment for each type of Service are indicated on the Site.
    4.3. The order of the Service is confirmed by the completion by the Customer of the relevant application and payment by one of the methods indicated on the Site. The Contractor begins to fulfill its obligations, in accordance with the terms of this Offer, as well as in accordance with the Annex to this Offer, from the moment of payment of the appropriate amount of money for the ordered Services, in accordance with the invoices issued to the Customer, while observing the terms of provision of the Services previously agreed with the Customer. specified in the Appendix to this Offer. Unless other terms of payment are agreed by the parties by an additional agreement to this Offer.
    4.4. If the Contractor properly fulfills its obligations under this Offer, the Customer accepts the work performed. In case of detection of shortcomings in the acceptance by the Customer of the Services provided by the Contractor, he undertakes to provide reasoned comments indicating the shortcomings within the same period and sends it to the Contractor. The Contractor is obliged to eliminate these shortcomings within a reasonable time and provide the results to the Customer. The work is considered accepted if the Customer does not present his written motivated comments to the Contractor within 5 (five) days.
    4.5. The result of the performed Services is transferred to the Customer in the form

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