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    NFT marketing guide for 2023


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    August 17 2023


    The NFT market is saturated with numerous projects, making it tough for your unique NFT venture to garner the attention it merits without exhaustive promotion. By devising an inventive NFT marketing strategy, you can significantly enhance your project's visibility, leading to increased bids and maximum returns on your NFTs. However, without the necessary know-how and expertise, marketing can be a daunting task. This is why it's crucial to enlist the services of an NFT marketing agency, such as Coinband, to steer your project in the right direction.

    Benefits of NFT Marketing

    Advantages of NFT marketing span from enhanced income, heightened user interaction, to amplified brand awareness. Moreover, NFTs offer the potential to acknowledge and reward your faithful clients, establish exclusive encounters, and present singular content.

    Rise in Transactions and Trading Volume

    Per Dappradar, the NFT market has attained its highest trade volume since June 2022. There was also an impressive surge in NFT sales, with a 42% increment from the last month, culminating in a total of 9.2 million units sold. This underscores a burgeoning and growing NFT market, suggesting a significant revival of the industry. 

    This rise sharply contrasts the dwindling trend observed in October, yet November and December witnessed a restoration and revival in trade volumes. Furthermore, the dollar trading volume also experienced a substantial growth since the $1 billion pinnacle in June.

    Marketplaces for Traders vs Collectors

    Marketplaces tailored for traders are increasingly outperforming those designed for collectors. Over the past quarter, Blur has managed to hold a 20% stake in the NFT marketplace. Recognized for its nominal marketplace and creator fees, Blur has persistently been a favorite amongst NFT enthusiasts. 

    The anticipated introduction of a platform token, offering rewards for traders who list and conduct transactions on its service, has further propelled usage. However, the long-term viability of this model is questionable. Historically, platforms that incentivize their users with tokens have not resulted in sustained economic activity.

    Essentials for an Effective NFT Rollout 

    Delivering Substance to Your Ideal Community:

    Guidelines for Crafting Superior NFT Initiatives: In the process of introducing an NFT initiative, the crucial element lies in bringing substantive value to your community. Here are some suggestions to help in the construction of superior NFT initiatives:

    • Theme and Narration: Craft an engaging theme and narrative encompassing your NFT assortment. Convey a tale that strikes a chord with your desired audience, establishing an emotional bond and heightening the perceived worth of your tokens.
    • Artistic Mastery: Partner with talented artists capable of generating visually impressive and unique designs. Top-notch aesthetics will garner interest, boost appeal, and lend credibility to your NFT initiative.
    • Exclusivity and Scarcity: Encourage exclusivity and scarcity by issuing restricted editions or rare variants of your NFTs. Limited supply propels demand, and collectors frequently gravitate towards unique or limited articles, heightening the perceived worth of your tokens.
    • Functionality and Potential Utility: Contemplate introducing utility or features to your NFTs. This could encompass access to exclusive content, digital experiences, or tangible advantages, thereby enhancing the overall value proposition for your community.

    Cultivating a Robust Community:

    Leveraging the Momentum of Curiosity and Excitement: A pivotal aspect of a thriving NFT debut is the ability to stir interest and excitement about your initiative. Here are some strategies to accomplish this:

    • Preview Campaigns: Initiate the hype by offering previews of your project on various social media platforms and online communities. Sharing glimpses of what's to come, behind-the-scenes action, and conversations with the artists can spark intrigue and expectation among your potential audience.
    • Alliances with Influencers: Collaborate with prominent personalities or communities in your specific field. Their support and promotion can drastically extend the visibility of your project and pull in a more diverse audience.
    • Involve Pioneering Supporters: Recognize and interact with pioneering supporters and enthusiastic members of your target group. Reward them with exclusive privileges, benefits, or incentives to join your community, thereby instilling a sense of unity and thrill.

    Meeting the Demands and Desires of Your Target Demographic:

    Grasping the nuances of your intended audience is crucial for cultivating a robust community. To effectively cater to their wants and needs, consider employing these tactics:

    • Consumer Analysis: Carry out exhaustive consumer analysis to discern the likes, tendencies, and emerging patterns among your audience. This insight will enable you to customize your NFT endeavor to align with their unique interests.
    • Active Participation: Engage proactively with your community via social platforms, online forums, and Discord groups. Encourage transparency in communication, be receptive to their feedback, and implement community-based recommendations. This fosters a sense of importance and commitment to the project among the community members.
    • Instruction and Disclosure: Offer informative content about NFTs, the underlying blockchain tech, and the advantages of your project. This not only enhances the understanding of potential buyers about the offering but also aids in establishing credibility in your brand.

    A. NFT Promotion Tactics & Expense Details

    Utilizing Discord and Telegram for NFT Exposure

    In the realm of crypto enthusiasts, Discord and Telegram have become the preferred communication channels and advertising platforms. These services offer privacy and are attuned to the specific demands of the crypto community. They serve as effective avenues for promoting your NFT project and building connections with potential investors and collectors.

    Participation in Existing Community Spaces

    One of the preliminary steps in fostering a community around your NFT project is to be an active contributor in current Discord channels and Telegram groups. These platforms host an array of committed crypto investors, always in search of promising projects. By partaking in discussions, offering insights, and judiciously showcasing your project, you can garner attention and build a reputation as an essential part of these communities.

    Creating a Dedicated Space for Your Project

    Establishing your Discord channel or Telegram server presents an excellent opportunity to nurture a devoted community around your NFT project. Having a central hub enables you to share updates, exclusive content, and interact directly with your audience. Encouraging discussions, collaborations, and exclusive events can help build a sense of belonging and exclusivity among your community members.

    Financial Considerations:

    Community Management and PPC Costs: Operating an active community on Discord and Telegram requires time, dedication, and potentially, a financial outlay. Although setting up a Discord server can be relatively economical (beginning at $9.99), promoting your server and driving user traffic might involve pay-per-click (PPC) costs. Depending on your financial scope and objectives, you can designate anywhere from $100 to $1000 per month for Discord marketing.

    Telegram is free to use, but it demands constant upkeep to assure active participation. If you decide to collaborate with an NFT marketing agency or hire community managers, the associated costs can vary from $1000 to $5000, contingent upon the scale of management required.

    B. Celebrity & Influencer Advocacy

    The Influence of Celebrity Support and Influencer Promotion

    In the NFT universe, endorsements from celebrities and influencers can greatly influence the success of your project. These public figures have dedicated followers and can bring your NFT collection to the spotlight. When they advocate for your NFT project, it creates a wave of excitement and piques the interest of their followers. Their backing serves as a validation stamp, attracting new investors and collectors to your project.

    Identifying and Engaging Influencers

    To tap into the influence of these individuals, it's essential to find those who resonate with your target audience. Search for influencers who exhibit a sincere interest in NFTs or a related domain that aligns with your project. They should have an engaged audience base and be known for providing value-add content.

    Begin by exploring influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Aim for influencers with a considerable follower base and consistent audience engagement. Study their content style, values, and audience demographics to ensure a good match with your NFT project.

    After identifying potential influencers, initiate a conversation with them via their agents or social media accounts. Draft a tailored message that accentuates your project's unique facets and how they coincide with their interests. Building a sincere relationship and showing enthusiasm for their work can enhance the chances of their participation.

    Budget Considerations: Engagement Negotiation and Cost Estimations

    The engagement cost for influencers depends on various aspects such as their reach, engagement rate, and prominence. Smaller influencers with several thousand followers might charge from $350 to $750 per YouTube video or social media post. Conversely, working with larger influencers boasting 500k to 1 million followers can cost between $50,000 and $100,000 or more.

    While deciding your budget, consider your NFT project's scale and marketing goals. Striking a balance between the influencer's reach and your available resources is crucial. Sometimes, collaborating with several smaller influencers can be as impactful as partnering with a single renowned individual.

    While negotiating with influencers, make your expectations and partnership goals clear. Discuss the expected outcomes, including the number of posts, videos, or stories they will create. Some influencers might be open to alternative compensation methods, such as getting a share of the NFT sales or receiving exclusive NFTs from your collection.

    Keep in mind that building robust relationships with influencers takes patience and dedication. Consider them as partners rather than just promotional tools for your project. By nurturing these relationships, you can form long-lasting collaborations and establish a network of influencers who are genuinely passionate about your NFTs.

    C. NFT Marketing on Twitter

    Twitter serves as a potent tool for NFT promotion, offering a large pool of crypto enthusiasts primed for engagement with fresh projects. Utilizing Twitter effectively can aid in solidifying your brand's standing in the NFT realm and connect with your desired audience. Here are key tactics and budget aspects for NFT marketing on Twitter:

    Cementing Your Brand Image on Twitter:

    • Know your NFT audience on Twitter: Study widely-used hashtags, influential figures, and communities pertinent to NFTs to understand the preferences and trends of your target market.
    • Establish a robust brand image: Craft a striking Twitter profile echoing your NFT project's core values, unique propositions, and persona.
    • Maintain consistent interaction: Engage with your followers routinely, answer to comments and queries, and share beneficial content about your project and the larger NFT community.

    Cultivating a Twitter Profile and Gaining Followers:

    • Refine your profile: Use pertinent keywords, a catchy bio, and appealing profile and header images for a remarkable first impression.
    • Content approach: Create a content strategy comprising educational, amusing, and promotional tweets. Involve yourself in trending conversations and collaborate with other creators to extend your reach.
    • Gaining followers: Connect with and engage users interested in NFTs, join discussions, and use relevant hashtags to organically grow your following.

    Twitter Ads Campaigns:

    • Setting up Twitter Ads: Establish a Twitter Ads account, and configure your campaign targeting options, such as geography, demographics, and preferences, to reach your ideal NFT audience.
    • Ad types: Experiment with various ad formats provided by TwitterAds, such as sponsored tweets, promoted trends, and promoted accounts, to effectively boost your NFT project.
    • Budget distribution: Allocate a fraction of your overall NFT marketing budget to Twitter Ads campaigns. Initiate with a smaller budget and gradually enhance it based on campaign results and ROI.

    Interacting with Pertinent Users and Communities:

    • Spot influencers and thought leaders: Identify influential personas in the NFT sphere and engage with their tweets by liking, retweeting, and commenting. This helps increase your exposure and forge connections.
    • Engage in NFT-centric discussions: Participate in Twitter chats, threads, and dialogues focusing on NFTs. Share valuable insights and interact with users with similar interests.
    • Partner with relevant communities: Discover NFT-focused communities, like Discord servers or Telegram groups, and actively participate in discussions. Foster relationships with community members and cultivate reciprocal partnerships.

    Budget Aspects: Blue Tick Verification and Influencer Endorsements:

    • Blue Tick Verification: Consider applying for Twitter’s verification program (also known as the blue tick) after your account has been active for 90 days. This verification badge can lend credibility to your brand.
    • Influencer endorsements: Find influencers within the NFT community who resonate with your project's principles and have a substantial following. Negotiate sponsorship agreements that align with your budget, remembering that costs can fluctuate based on the influencer’s reach and engagement rate.

    D. The Strategy for Content Marketing

    The Significance of Content in NFT Marketing

    Content is a linchpin in the NFT universe, as it lures and engages your target market. By presenting valuable content, you can educate, stimulate, and foster a solid bond with prospective purchasers and collectors. Here's why content is pivotal in NFT marketing:

    • Narrative Construction: Through your content, you have the opportunity to share the tale of your NFT project, crafting a captivating storyline that echoes with your community. By constructing compelling narratives, you can stimulate feelings and establish a more profound bond with your audience.

    • Enlightening and Informative: The NFT realm can be intricate, particularly for newcomers. Content simplifies the convoluted concepts, explicates the worth of your NFTs, and educates your audience about the advantages and prospects they provide. This gives them the power to make knowledgeable decisions and admire the uniqueness of your venture.

    • Trust and Credibility Establishment: Superior content positions you as a leader in the NFT realm. Sharing invaluable insights, industry tendencies, and expert views earn you credibility, which consequently builds trust with your community. Trust is indispensable for attracting purchasers and collectors to your NFT venture.

    Strategizing, Producing, and Spreading Valuable Content

    Maximizing the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy requires a meticulous plan. Here are crucial steps to bear in mind:

    • Set Your Goals: Ascertain the objectives you aspire to achieve through your content marketing endeavors. Clear goals will navigate your content production process, whether it's boosting brand consciousness, inciting engagement, or triggering sales.

    • Comprehend Your Target Market: Study and scrutinize your target market to gain understanding into their likes, interests, and challenges. This knowledge enables you to adapt your content to their specific needs and craft a more customized experience.

    • Build a Content Calendar: Plan and structure your content production timetable using a content calendar. This guarantees a steady stream of content and keeps you aligned with your marketing objectives. Consider various types of content, such as blogs, videos, podcasts, or social media posts, depending on your audience's inclinations.

    • Craft Valuable and Engaging Content: Concentrate on generating top-notch content that enhances your audience's lives. This might include educational guides, exclusive project insights, expert interviews, or sneak peeks of imminent NFT launches. Strive to engage your audience and stimulate discussions around your NFT venture.

    Collaborating with Content Producers and Agencies

    Producing appealing content necessitates proficiency and creativity. If you lack the resources or skills to generate high-quality content internally, contemplate collaborating with content creators or employing an NFT marketing agency. Here's how they can contribute to your content marketing strategy:

    • Content Producers: Collaborate with skilled writers, designers, videographers, or artists who specialize in generating NFT-related content. They can inject fresh viewpoints, creative concepts, and professional execution into your content strategy. Collaborating with content producers can conserve your time and ensure your content distinguishes itself from the competition.

    • NFT Marketing Agencies: Teaming up with an NFT marketing agency can furnish you with an all-inclusive content marketing strategy. They possess the experience, industry familiarity, and network to devise an effective content plan tailor-made for your project. Agencies can manage content production, distribution, and performance tracking, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your NFT venture.

    Keep in mind, a well-implemented content marketing strategy can significantly influence your NFT project. By delivering valuable, engaging content and collaborating with skilled creators or agencies, you can establish your brand, attract a loyal community, and drive success in the competitive world of NFTs.

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